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Principles of Success - The Mystery of Sex Transmutation

Your Money, Your Business, Your Life

Release Date: 12/26/2017

YMBL050 Principles of Success - The Mystery of Sex Transmutation


Developing effective communication skills is critical to achieving your goals, advancing your career, and building a successful business. It plays a significant role in how we negotiate for the things we want and how others perceive us. Everyone has a feminine and masculine perspective of our personalities - and the way we use these perspectives in our lives, businesses, and careers impacts the way we communicate with others.


On today’s episode, I’m discussing the mystery of sex transmutation. I’ll explain Napoleon Hill’s theory of how a personal magnetism personality is an expression of sexual energy and how nonverbal communication skills and the tone of your voice impacts the way people interpret your messages. I’ll also explain how your posture impacts the way you present your message and the importance of being tactful, enthusiastic, and approachable when communicating with others.


“In communication, sexual energy is so impactful - even more impactful, at times, than what you say.” - Sharon Lechter



This week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:


  • How nonverbal expressions and posture impact the way we communicate with others.
  • The impact of your tone of voice on the message you want to deliver.
  • How your mindset and thought process impacts your communication skills and your ability to deliver your message clearly and confidently.
  • The importance of first impressions and your appearance.
  • How to improve your personal magnetic personality.



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