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Principles of Success - The Brain

Your Money, Your Business, Your Life

Release Date: 01/09/2018

YMBL052 Principles of Success - The Brain


Have you ever wondered about the connection between our physical being and our cognitive thought process? As a functional organ, our brain is responsible for a variety of bodily functions and activities working correctly - including our emotional state and thought processes. Our experiences and the things we allow into our conscious and subconscious mind plays a significant role in how our brain interprets the world around us, helping us make decisions in various situations and circumstances as well as impacting our ability to create success.


On today’s episode, I’m discussing the connection between our brain and our thoughts and emotions. I’ll explain what the reptilian brain is, it’s responsibilities, and how it affects our emotional and cognitive thoughts and decisions. I’ll also explain why being intentional in what we feed our brain is critical to creating success, how what we feed our brain impacts our emotions, thoughts and decisions, and why it’s important to surround ourselves with positive people and celebrate achievements to generate positive results and successful outcomes.



The brain is a functioning organ that really coordinates everything about our thought process.” - Sharon Lechter



This week on the Your Money, Your Business, Your Life Podcast:


  • What is the reptilian brain?
  • How the reptilian brain impacts your emotions and thoughts.
  • Hormones responsible for our thoughts and emotions in various situations.
  • How hormonal imbalances impacts the brain and our subconscious.
  • Why being intentional in what you read, watch, and allow into your conscious and subconscious mind is important.
  • The impact of spending time with positive people has on your conscious and subconscious brain and thought process.
  • The importance of creating an environment that is conducive of positive results.
  • The importance of celebrating small achievements.
  • How celebrating small achievements impacts your team and future results.
  • How masterminds help you feed your brain in a positive and effective way.



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