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14. Back by Popular Demand, Cousin David Returns as Bitcoin Skyrockets, for Crypto Newbies

Coloring Crypto

Release Date: 12/10/2017

Episode 8 of Coloring Crypto was called "the best podcast episode for beginners" and today we have Cousin David back! We cover the astounding growth of Bitcoin since we last talked 2 months ago. 

What do newbies do now? Is it too late? What about other coins? The energy conundrum from episode 10. David has friends who listened to episode 12 and now think they are experts! 

If you're advance in the blockchain, go back to episode 13 and skip this one, if you're new, jump in here!

Episode 14Cousin David Returns as Bitcoin Skyrockets
Investment ICOs Ethereum Team Meetups Innovation Concerns with bitcoin FOMO Bitcoin vs. bitcoin cash Are the biggest buyers yet to come? Wall Street Nations
Regulations are coming SEC Congress States
Maturity is coming Chicago Mercantile Exchange / Chicago Board Options Exchange / NASDAQ Coinbase Funds
Cousin David’s announcement - Bitcoin Strategic Trading Fund What’s to come:  Currency Competition Regulatory Competition Doing business with 7.5b humans Financial Innovations Power to the people
Links:Cousin Dave’s FundBitcoin Strategic Trading Fund http://bitcoinbulls.net 
Dec 11 and 18 Future trading of BitcionChicago Mercantile Exchange / Chicago Board Options Exchangehttp://www.cmegroup.com/http://www.cboe.com/
Tools: Coincap https://coincap.io/ Preev http://preev.com/ Coinmarketcap https://coinmarketcap.com/ Coinbase https://coinbase.com/ Blockchain  https://blockchain.info/