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"Success is goals, and all else is commentary.
~Brian Tracy

[STEP #6,  (week #6) in the BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"]

Step #6 =  GOALS!

Step #1: DECIDE.
Step #2: Assess
Step #3: Values, Mission and Vision
Step #4: Passion & Purpose
Step #5: Energy & Enthusiasm

And, now we're on to step #6, GOALS!!!

BT is a hero and a living legend in the personal development space and I'm fairly sure NOBODY has created more quality personal development content than Mr. Brian Tracy.

Point is... the man is a walking 'master-class' in personal development and if he's suggesting goals are (equal to) success, than we probably ought to pay more attention to them, right?

So, in this episode we do just that...

Zig Ziglar used to say, "Don't be a wandering generality, you must become a meaningful specific."

Goals allow us to become a meaningful specific.

What is your #1 Goal right now?
Where is that goal written?
Is it posted somewhere were you can see it?
Do you revisit your goals often? If so, how often?

Why are goals so darn important? First if our energy (recall last episode) can, at any moment, go in any number of different directions than goals force us to focus our energy and attention! Goals help us to concentrate and direct our precious energy toward something that matters to us.

So why don't most people set goals? Largely because A) they don't really understand the importance of goals. And, B) they don't understand the process to set and achieve goals.

This episode is all about "A" above... Really, understanding the importance of goals to the point where we can't ignore them and the next couple weeks we will dig into The Habit Factor's method for goal achievement!

Remember, each week we provide a tool or template to help you process and implement the week's lesson and this week is no different!

So, get AFTER IT! Be sure to click on the F R E E resources: PDF (located at: http://podcast.thehabitfactor.com

Enjoy and share! Thank you!

"Each new day presents a new year and each new year a new day."

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