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How to make 2018 a Breakthrough Year, (STEP #8 HabitStrength™)

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg | Goal Achievement, Productivity & Success – Simplified

Release Date: 01/04/2018

"Discipline is a habit. GRIT is a habit. The more good behaviors you can habituate the less you will need to rely on willpower."

[STEP #8,  (week #8) in the BREAKTHROUGH mini-series, "How to Make 2018 Your Best, Breakthrough New Year Ever!"]

Step #OCHO =  HabitStrength!!

Step #1: Decide
Step #2: Assess
Step #3: Values, Mission and Vision
Step #4: Passion & Purpose
Step #5: Energy & Enthusiasm
Step #6: GOALS!

And, now we delve into... part deux of Habit; HabitStrength!

Think about habit development just like muscle development. It isn't about a set number of days, it's about a process and the P.A.R.R. process/method we covered in the last episode.

People don't go to the gym and ask, "How long will it take to develop my biceps?"

No. They start with 15lbs and curl that weight until within a few weeks it feels light (they get stronger) so they up the weight to 20lbs then 25, 30, 35lbs, etc.

Each successive week of planning, acting, recording and reassessing helps to develop the muscle and coincidentally the related HABIT.

This is how one creates automaticity (a stronger habit) so you do not have to rely on willpower from one day to the next.

Repeat after me: DISCIPLINE is a HABIT. GRIT is a Habit.


"Habit is second nature, or rather, ten times nature." William James 

Each week (for this Breakthrough mini-series) we provide you a tool or template to help you process and implement the week's lesson and this week is no different! (see FREE habit and goal template!)

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"Each new day presents a new year and each new year a new day."

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