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Book Vs Movie "Girl Interrupted (New Intro)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Release Date: 01/28/2018

Book Vs. Movie Podcast 

"Girl Interrupted"

The 1993 Susanna Kaysen Novel Vs. The 1999 Winona Ryder-Produced Movie

Are you ready to learn a whole lot about Borderline Personality Disorder? You better damn well be because the Margos sure did after reading Girl Interrupted and man we just LOVE this book and movie discussion!

We start off talking about the recent Women’s Marches and then get right into the nitty-gritty of Susanna Kaysen’s (our author’s) interesting background and the history of the McLean Hosptial who past residents include Sylvia Plath, James Taylor, Ray Charles and David Foster Wallace. She stayed there between 1967-1968 and wrote this book in 1993.

Actress Winona Ryder (just 21 years old at the time) bought the movie rights and waited several years to see her passion project become the star vehicle for multi-award winner Angelina Jolie (oops!)

We read the book and then watched the movie. Which did the Margos like better? Listen below to find out!

In this episode the Margos discuss:

  • Susanna Kaysen’s backstory and the cost (adjusted for inflation) to “cure” her mental illness
  • Winona Ryder’s only (so far) Executive Producer credit
  • How women were treated at mental institutions in the 1960s
  • The vast number of changes between book and film
  • Angelina Jolie's incredible performance
  • The excellent supporting cast

Clips used:

Girl Interrupted original theatrical trailer

Susanna gets her Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis

Angelina Jolie’s character (“Lisa”) is introduced

Lisa has a breakdown

Downtown by Petula Clark  

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