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Happy Playces Podcast #50 with Nicole @momtrends

Happy Playces podcast

Release Date: 02/01/2018

Welcome to Episode 50! Yeah!!! I’m so excited, 50 episodes is so fun!! Guest #50 is Nicole a mom with purpose and passion! You might know her as @momtrends or @skimomsfun;  a city mom by week and a mountain girl by weekend!” Nicole is a successful author, blogger, New Yorker, runner, skier; and we had such a fun chat!!

Nicole shares with us her background in fashion and how she got to where she is now. You’ll love her story and I know it will bring you encouragement to follow your dreams. Nicole talks about analyzing our time, and when to cut things loose; at business and home! I love hearing her talk about analyzing your readers and followers and serve them well.

I love our chat on motherhood and she has some great advice, stories, and the reoccurring theme of its okay to say NO, working towards finding what we’re passionate about and what fills us up! I know you will LOVE her 4 burner story!!! I keep thinking about this and using it during my week! I love when she says, "Start where you are and do what you can!"

The Author of the book Mom Boss, which is a roadmap for startup success for women, how to balance entrepreneurship, kids, and success.

Check her out on Instagram @momtrends and @skimomsfun . Visit momtrends.com and also check out their awesome Best Family Ski Guide.

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