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Episode 44: Mardi Gras 2018 or St. Chaddy's Day, the prequel

The Hunker Downcast

Release Date: 03/10/2018

Here it is! The nearly three hour chronological Carnival recap everybody is always asking about. We're giving it to you in one big chunk this year because our market research tells us people really like extra long podcasts.   Maybe it will help if we give you rough time estimates that track the topics. So here that is in the order of the parade schedule. Times are approximate.

Little intro plus Krewe du Vieux goes to about the 18 minute mark.

The Ladder Controversy: 20 minute mark to about 26:00

Oshun/Cleopatra: Begins around 29 minutes.

Femme Fatale/Carrollton/KingArthur/Alla Sunday: At around32 min.

Chewbacchus 38:00 or so.

Nyx 49:00 or so.

Muses/Chaos 55:00

D’Etat 1:12

Tucks/Iris 1:26

Endymion 1:34

Thoth 1:44

Bacchus 1:54

Proteus/Orpheus 1:57

Fat Tuessdy 2:08 to end

As always we're trying to get back on a schedule here so bear with us. If you enjoy our show, share, like, rate, tell your friends, keep circulating the tapes. Thanks for listening.