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Ep 67 Tara Bradford The Potentialista® - Imposter Syndrome

SISTERHOOD OF SWEAT - Motivation, Inspiration, Health, Wealth, Fitness, Authenticity, Confidence and Empowerment

Release Date: 03/23/2018

I am excited to introduce to you our guest this week, Tara Rae Bradford. Tara is the Founder of The Potentialista®, a boutique public relations agency that works with authors, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders to help them share their innovative ideas with a larger audience while also building a respected reputation as an expert.

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Tara shares her personal story about when she was at the top of her career and yet felt incomplete. As a lead nurse in a critical care unit, she heard countless people share their regret for not spending more time with the people that they loved and living a more fulfilled life. Within a few short years, she left that career and pursued her dream of helping others thrive and live to their fullest potential.

In this episode, we talk about having the courage to follow your passion and overcoming self-doubt. We explore the topic of imposter syndrome and identify its symptoms. I also share a personal vision that helped me overcome my own fear of the unknown.

This is a powerful episode for those who struggle feeling worthy of their calling and need to shift their mindsets to pursue greatness. We hope after listening you will be empowered to embark on your own adventure and pursue the things within you.


Questions I Asked Tara:

  • What are the symptoms of imposter syndrome?
  • How did you learn self-love?
  • What is the science behind Imposter Syndrome?

Topics Discussed:

  • The importance of “I am” statements.
  • How to ask for and accept help.
  • Stretching outside of your comfort zone.


Quotes from the show

  • “If you are going to go anywhere worth going you cannot go by yourself. You have to have the help of others” @LindaMitchell
  • “It’s all about mindset” @TaraRaeBradford
  • “A lot of times we believe that we don’t deserve what we want” @LindaMitchell
  • “When you are letting go of the past, it is normal to feel sad” @TaraRaeBradford


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