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TSBP BONUS - Josh Bryant - Lift More Perform Better

The Silverback Blueprint Podcast

Release Date: 04/02/2018

Josh was focused on lifting and building his physique from a very young age. Seeking out coaches and mentors, Josh built his experience and knowledge everyday. 

As an athlete, he won many national and world titles in both powerlifting and strongman. At 22 years of age he was the youngest person in powerlifting history to bench press 600 pounds raw.

He squatted 909 pounds in the USPF, officially bench-pressed 620 pounds raw, and officially deadlifted 810 pounds raw. In 2005, he won the Atlantis Strongest Man in America competition.

Josh has combined his education along with his in-the-trenches experience to develop The JoshStrength Method. This method has provided countless clients the road map to success.

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