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S4-17: Nir Eyal: From Hooked to Indistractable

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

Release Date: 04/11/2018

The Dishwasher 2! show art The Dishwasher 2!

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"How well you load the dishes determines the quality of the wash." Once again, we revisit the dishwasher in this episode, "The Dishwasher 2." The idea of proper dishwasher loading calls to mind the GIGO concept. GIGO simply means Garbage In, Garbage Out. GIGO originated in the programming world, and the idea applies to many other aspects of our lives. Consider your fitness level relative to your exercise and diet: Garbage In, Garbage Out. Many famous scientists, spiritualists, and philosophers contend that the same concept applies to the quality of your thinking and your life's results:...

Habitstrength™ Dammit! show art Habitstrength™ Dammit!

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"It costs $0.00 to become a master of habit and skill development. Understanding how to cultivate habitstrength™ is your first key." ~Grunburg Forgive the swearing! For 12-plus years, Martin has taught and preached that habit development for humans has little to do with Cue, Routine, Reward – aka the "Habit-Loop" – and much more to do with intention, action, and reflection. The "Habit Loop" concept originated after a study of rodents. Unfortunately, the well-intended "Habit-Loop" advice has proliferated all over the internet, yet it provides HUMANS with very little understanding of how...

6 Inches show art 6 Inches

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"Golf is a game of inches and the most important are the six inches between your ears." ~Arnold Palmer Much like golf, LIFE is often a game of inches. It's the "six inches" betwen our ears that we tell ourselves all sorts of stories. Stories about ourselves and the world at large. These stories tend to reveal themselves in our decisions, actions and results. At any given moment, one could be telling themselves an infinite number of stories. Yet, most of us aren't too discerning about which ones consume our attention. Almost all breakthroughs in goal achievment and personal tranformation,...

Ten Years from Now show art Ten Years from Now

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now." ~Confucius How happy would you be if nothing changed over the next ten years? How would you like to develop physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually, financially, professionally? Who is responsible for those changes? This quick-hitter H2G "tweener" episode will have you appreciating that NOW is the best time to plant the seeds to help make your ten-year goals a reality. The years are going to pass by anyway. Only you can identify who you'd like to be, where you'd like to go and, what you'd...

Season 8 Finale! show art Season 8 Finale!

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"450+ episodes which presents to any new listener the 'Choice Paradox'—more becomes less." As we wrap up Season 8—the Ocho— we want to highlight H2G's most popular and essential episodes OF ALL-TIME. Each grouped into a handful of important categories; Mindset (6), Success (6), Self/Relationships (6), Habits (8), Goals (6), Most Popular (15) and Interviews (7)! Seven important categories and 50+ episodes and that IS whittling it down! ; ) Enjoy! Note: The very best way to get up to speed on The Habit Factor's world-famous methodology is to check-out just $27, promotional pricing!...

Why I Run show art Why I Run

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"Nobody likes burpess until they love burpees." Without getting too metaphysical, it's important to realize LIFE is simply a one-day-at-a-time "event". Thus, the importance of cultivating the habit of exercise, which helps to optimize one's emotional and physical wellness from one day to the next. MG was contemplating why he enjoyed burpees so much. The answer suprised him. He thought he exercised to stay fit, but that is really the secondary benefit. The primary benefit; exercising "tunes" one's emotions for the day favorably. The exercise habit has at least three benefits: 1) It primes one's...

Jack Daly Interview, Life By Design show art Jack Daly Interview, Life By Design

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"I must've interviewed 50 business people that summer...they all had a common theme—GOALS!"~Jack Daly H2G welcomes back the legendary business sales coach and icon, Jack Daly. Jack's releasing his 10th book, Life By Design. The 15-time Ironman competitor has also completed 100 marathons in 50 states and on seven continents. He achieves his goals and lives life to the fullest by following his own Life by Design techniques. As a 13-year-old caddie at a country club, he was both curious and intentional. Comparing the lifestyle of his hardworking father to the men at the country club, who...

Infinity Symbol show art Infinity Symbol

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"Habit: A shackle for the free."~Ambrose Bierce In 2009, MG was tasked with developing a logo for The Habit Factor® app. The vision of the infinity symbol was one that he couldn't escape.  He proceeded to integrate the infinity symbol as the cross-beam within the letter "H". The reason for the infinity symbol? The more he reflected upon habit, the more the idea of universal patterns came to mind. MG shared these ideas when he was invited to present at TEDx in the United Arab Emerits, back in 2011. It turns out habit patterns are everywhere and for good reason. Energy has a tendency...

Moment 2 Moment show art Moment 2 Moment

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such."~Henry Miller What's the main difference between "successful" people and "failures"? Arguably, it's that they've simply compiled more daily "wins" over their lifetime than loses. It's actually a bit more nuanced than that, as any given day may provides critical defining "moments". What's an example of a critical defining moment? Let's say someone or something disappoints you. Now you're angry and frustrated. How are you going to respond? Each moment presents a bifurcation point; an opportunity to stay on the path...

The Closet! show art The Closet!

Habits 2 Goals: The Habit Factor® Podcast with Martin Grunburg

"If work expands to fill the time allotted, then you can count on 'stuff'  expanding to fill the space allotted." Aristotle once observed, "Nature abhors a vacuum." This week, MG combines A's brilliant observation with Cyrile Northcote Parkinson's "law," known as "Parkinson's Law" — "Work expands to fill the time allotted." The resultant corollary: "Stuff expands to fill the space allotted." To illustrate his point, MG shares a couple of quick stories from his home: "The Drawer of Death" and the "Closet of Death." While nobody actually died in either, these spaces are consummed with...

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"These are two industries (gaming & advertising), let's face it, that are dependent upon changing your behavior; they have to specialize in mind-control..."
~Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal seems to be wired for creativity and, as he describes it, lives at the intersection of psychology and technology.

Nir has a storied and successful background in technology startups (as a founding entrepreneur) and has emerged from both the gaming and advertising space with a keen interest in the various ideas (and ingredients) that help to make products/apps successful— to make them stick and become habit forming.

As Nir put it, "Let's face it, these are two industries (advertising and gaming) that are dependent upon changing our behaviors."

By having a "front-row seat" within each of these industries, Nir continued to search and understand just what components helped to formulate habit-forming products and services. So, when he couldn't find that answer/book, he decided it was time to write it. Hence, his bestseller, Hooked, was born. (Its subtitle: "How to Build Habit-Forming Products.)

In typical "Habits 2 Goals" style, the interview covers everything from dealing with difficult days to defining success. We explore what habits are essential to the guest's success, advice the guest would give his/her 20-something self, favorite books, quotes and more.

The interview even covers many of the great ideas and inspirations behind Nir's latest effort, titled "Indistractable."

Enjoy the show!

Nir's fantastic book: Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

NOW LIVE (April 10-12th in San Francisco)

Nir's Website: https://www.nirandfar.com

A couple of Nir's Favorite Books:

The Power of Habit

Addiction by Design


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