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Journey Through the Gate's Ep. Four: Rob Gutro- Medium, Scientist, Ghost Hunter

Journeythroughthegate's podcast

Release Date: 05/02/2018

Mr. Rob Gutro is an Author of many insightful books on the Paranormal, or 'Very' Normal as we are learning! The combination of being a Scientist, Medium, enthusiastic Animal lover, and an active member of The Inspired Ghost Tracking group of Maryland, gives Rob so many different vantage points into this wonderful topic! Tonight we speak about messages and Signs from both Pet Spirits and loved ones who have crossed the 'Veil'. He tells us the differences between Ghosts & Spirits and interesting insights on the energy they use! Rob tells us about his interesting trip to England and his many encounters with its ghosts!  To include the many ghosts of Hampton Court, the rich history of Royal Palaces, and 'running into',a queen, a prince and noblemen throughout his trip! His many books are available on Amazon in paperback and E book and include: Pets in the Afterlife both 1 &2, Lessons Learned From Talking with the Dead, Ghosts and Spirits, and the latest, Ghosts of England:On a Medium's Vacation!  If you asked me which of these books of Rob Gutro's was my favorite, I would have to say,"All of them!" It is just the truth! They are for sure page turners, and hard to put down once started, but they are all also the kinds of books once finished, will fill your heart with the many messages from both pets and loved ones from the other side, that you can't help but feel better about the ones you have lost. All of his books are also informative in an easy to relate to way, and teach us not only about the dead, but give us pointers on how 'they" say to live!                Find Rob at rgutro@gmail.com  his blog http://ghostsandspiritsinsights.blogspot.com Facebook and Twitter pages too!                                                                              Sysco take us on weekly walks through the Gate, with those who have had experiences with the uncanny and the unexplained to help find out more about what lurks in the shadows and what draws us toward the light! Join this podcast on iTunes, Sticther, Apple Music, and on the Youtube channel Conflict Radio! Send your real Experiences with the paranormal to Journeythroughthegate@gmail.com  and join our discussion group on Facebook/Journeythroughthegate:GateKeepers page!