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Richard Baratta - Honesty, Producing, and The Irishman

UNfake It 'till you make it!

Release Date: 05/06/2018

Richard Baratta is one of the Executive Producers for Martin Scorsese's film, The Irishman. We get into all that as well as his in-depth insights and his outlook on the industry. Richard has over 40 IMDB credits and has produced and worked on many of my favorite films like Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donnie Brosco with Johnny Depp. He worked on the Spiderman movies and he even co-produced The Wolf of Wall Street which is incredible. Please enjoy, listen, and learn as I did.
Show Notes
  •  [1:40] Interview Starts
  • [2:40] How Richard recharges in between film gigs
  • [6:10] Richards experience working on Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • [9:10] The Film Industry in the 80s, the 90s, and current day
  • [12:40] What is a UPM (Unit Production Manager) and how Richard handles entire film crews
  • [17:40] Advice for people looking to become a UPM
  • [22:40] Mistakes
  • [24:40] From The Smurfs to The Wolf Of Wall Street
  • [26:40] Co-Producer vs Executive Producer
  • [29:40] Producing Challenges
  • [30:45] Curb Your Enthusiasm (Playboy mansion) - Smoking Jacket Episode 6
  • [35:30] The Irishman: How Richard was involved as Executive Producer and making music with Joe Pesci
  • [39:40] 20% Efforts 80% results
  • [42:10] If you have a script—it’s a tuff business!
  • [47:10] Strategies to balance life when overwhelmed 
  • [51:40] Essentials for a producer
  • [53:40] Books Richard enjoyed; Malcolm XThe Clan of the Cavebear and Outliers
  • [56:40] Honesty and Paradiddles (Drum technique)
  • [57:40] Richard performs Jazz as a drummer at the Astor Room https://www.georges.nyc/
  • [1:00:00] Last words