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So Called: Rebecca Campbell, Director 3D Printing, HP, Inc.

So Called Podcast

Release Date: 06/29/2018

If you want something done, you might want to tell Rebecca Campbell it’s not possible. Achieving difficult challenges has been a lifelong theme when it comes to her work. But if you want Rebecca to take on your impossible project, you’ll have to make a good case because she's highly selective in taking on opportunities.

Rebecca Campbell, Director of 3D Printing Services at HP, Inc., discusses her approach to work, her career development strategies and advice, and what she's doing to give back in her community.

During the episode, Rebecca discusses a W.IN, Women Innovators, a non-profit she co-founded focused on making Idaho the place for women and girl innovators to succeed. For more information, go to http://women-innovators.org

Another group she's involved in is called Women in 3D Printing. Follow @Wi3DP on Twitter to learn more about female leaders in the additive manufacturing industry.



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