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Drinking Partners - Live from Industry Public House

Drinking Partners

Release Date: 06/11/2018

Live and loose from Industry Public House, the Drinking Partners showcase themselves in true and fun form in this action-packed and interactive podcast. From the opening seconds, the tone is set as Ed and Day argue about how to even begin the episode. Brian Eaton, cofounder of Gristhouse Brewing, and the Beer Executive Officer of Industry, Colin McCullough – whose work title has the Drinking Partners both jealous and giddy – join the panel. Craft lovers will enjoy the explanation and recipe sharing behind sour beers, but beware the discussion on clowns that follows! Did you know there was such a thing as cookout sandals? To learn more, listen for Ed’s description and, for longtime listeners, hear once more of his hatred of feet. Interested in a “beercation?” Both Brian and Colin share their top picks for breweries to include. The Drinking Partners are at their best live, and this latest release is no different as they toe the PG-13 line with hilarious results. Love festivals, beer, and games? Make sure to visit Craft Carnival, a one of a kind beer festival with activities that will entertain everyone. To learn more, visit www.craftcarnivalpgh.com and use promo code partners2018 for $10 off! Find more about Industry Public House at www.industrypgh.com.