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Pitchwerks #88 - Carmel Majidi, Navid Kazem | Arieca

The Pitchwerks Podcast

Release Date: 06/13/2018

This week, Scot indulges his obsession with materials startups by hosting Carmel Majidi and Navid Kazem, the founding team behind Arieca, who recently took up residence at Alphalab Gear.  Arieca’s “Thubber” product is a soft non-brittle rubber product that can conduct heat or electricity. Regular rubber doesn’t conduct very well at all, and the few conductive rubbers that are currently available on the market are too brittle for the kinds of applications that Thubber was designed for.  Scot talks to the two men about their plans to raise Thubber’s profile, drive adoption, and sell the new material to manufacturers.