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Building Resilience with Mario Porreca

Inside Knowledge

Release Date: 07/12/2018

Show Notes – Mario Porreca

We know we have to regularly exercise to feel good and to get the benefits.  But we very rarely take that active consistent approach with our mindset.

After a number of years working as a chef he gained a lot of weight.  It was after his own weight loss journey that people started asking him to teach them how it did it.  After about six months he realised he was making more money from coaching than he was from cooking.  He then wondered what would happen if he became intentional about helping people. 

95% got the result they wanted.  But half of them would keep the weight off while the other half would lose the weight but they inevitably went back to their old ways.  What was the difference between them and those that kept the result?  He started doing a lot of research into this.  What he found out was that it was all about mindset.  The people who regressed back were only focused on the short term goal.  Now what?  When you are confused you will always revert to the strongest past conditioning.  So then it becomes an identity problem. 

When he found out that mindset was the key he began studying it from every angle that he could.  He began to take a mindset first approach.  If you can control your thoughts, and attach emotion to those thoughts, that will create a strong desire, which leads into having an intentional to take action, you will create a new belief and that will create a new result. 

The GIO Method. 

Outcome – it has to be clear and it has to be compelling.  The more specific you can be the better.  Your brain will start to notice the things that you want to create.  He records this in his outcome journal. 

Intention – to take action.  Three different actions that are outcome focused with the goal to take him closer to his outcome.  One thing that he can get done in the first hour.  The second is within the next 24 hours.  Two action items a day.  The final intention is something that is a bit more long term, or a bigger project.  If you do that every single day that builds massive momentum over time.

Gratitude – if you are in this state it is impossible to feel a negative emotion.  Likes to meditate on three different things.  One thing that he gets every day that he is grateful for.  One thing that he has that he can give to other people.  This creates fulfilment.  The final thing is the I AM.  We tend to have negative self-talk.  I am powerful, I am unstoppable.  What ever resonates with your psychology.  Also be grateful for the things that are coming in your life in the future.  This will help to attract these things.

How to build self care into your day.  Look after your body – exercise.  He reads the bible every morning.  He meditates and relaxes.  You have to schedule it in and it helps to do things first thing in the morning because it sets your day up.  Mentality of “I take care of me so I can show up and do better.”  What are the emotions that you value?  What do you run towards and what do you run away from?  Often we have conflicting values.  If you are always self-sabotaging this will be why.  

Using visualisation to overcome a lack of self-belief.

Whenever you feel unconfident it is because you are putting yourself first.  If your intention is to serve then that will help because your focus will be on other people.