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#292 - Jim Lee

The Grimerica Show

Release Date: 06/23/2018

#474 - Dave Smith show art #474 - Dave Smith

The Grimerica Show

Dave Smith - Buddhist meditation teacher, addiction treatment specialist is back to chat about mindfulness and his online addiction recovery course coming up on Feb 7, 2021 and anytime there after..

#473 - Adam Apollo Returns show art #473 - Adam Apollo Returns

The Grimerica Show

Adam Apollo is back for a fascinating chat about the last social network, data sovereignty, blockchain, unified science, design based on nature, and his journey into physics.

#472 - Blaise Kennedy show art #472 - Blaise Kennedy

The Grimerica Show

Blaise Kennedy joins us to chat exercising state of awareness and consciousness. We talk about his journey through addiction, and opening up to spiritual concepts through practice and mentors.

#471 - Suzanne Crocker - First We Eat show art #471 - Suzanne Crocker - First We Eat

The Grimerica Show

Suzanne Crocker joins us to chat about filming “First We Eat”, a documentary about her family eating locally only for a whole year. It’s a fascinating story about the challenges and benefits of eating locally in the middle of the far North in the small Canadian town of Dawson City.

#470 - Union of The Unwanted 12/28/20 show art #470 - Union of The Unwanted 12/28/20

The Grimerica Show

UFOs are the topic of this Union of the Unwanted with a bunch of us speculating and venting about the UFO and Disclosure issue. We chat about the Consciousness aspect being paramount, some of the disinformation, the mainstream media take, and what they always leave out.

#469 - Randall Carlson - Brad Young  - Kyle and Russ Allen show art #469 - Randall Carlson - Brad Young - Kyle and Russ Allen

The Grimerica Show

Randall Carlson, Brad Young and, Kyle and Russ Allen join us for this swapcast. All 4 of them collaborate to create Kosmographia based on Randall and Brad’s work. And Russ and Kyle have The Brothers of the Serpent podcast. We chat about the genesis of Contact at the Cabin, our podcasts, and travelling around with Randall and the crew.

#468 - Holiday Fandango 6 show art #468 - Holiday Fandango 6

The Grimerica Show

Fandango is here, join us, Cruzin with Steak, Cat in the Box, Brodie, Felix and Michael for a discussion about all kinds of stuff. We try and take some listener calls but had to edit out at the beginning. Finally they joined into zoom in the last half.

#467 - Hal Urban show art #467 - Hal Urban

The Grimerica Show

Hal Urban joins us to chat about positive psychology and focusing on good news. He has written influential books like “Positive Words, Powerful Results” and “Life’s Greatest Lessons, 20 Things that Matter’.

#466 - The Melt Swapcast show art #466 - The Melt Swapcast

The Grimerica Show

Bonus ep, Swapcast with The Melt. Chris Snipes joins us to chat about podcasting during the Great Reset lol. The chilling technocratic aspect of this, our local Alberta Stats, polarization and confrontations on the front line of non-masking….

#465 - Freedom4Canada show art #465 - Freedom4Canada

The Grimerica Show

Four members of the Freedom4Canada team join us to talk about the current law suit against the Alberta Governement, the lockdowns, and the upcoming Freedom Walk in Calgary. Roman, Daslo, Jesse, and Dr. Joanni Liu are on this episode to talk about the local actions being taken, and some of the issues we have addressed before about PCR testing, official data, the media spin, natural health etc.

More Episodes

Interview Starts 33:00
Jim Lee joins us for an amazing chat and presentation on the history of weather modification and geo engineering the planet and our skies. We chat about the decades worth of evidence, government secret projects like Popeye, LAC, Nile Blue and DEW.  Rainmaking, Cloud Seeding, weather control, steering storms, pluvaculture, and green washing are also addresses. We speculate on the reasons for this, the global warming hoax, owning the weather, terraforming, and JP8 jet fuel additives.
Jim is working on an important weather modification act called ENMODAA (Environmental Modification Accountability Act of 2018) 
If you have a chance, watch this video on youtube as Jim does an great job and taking us through the many documents and presentations he has on his web site. This is not woo woo conspiracy, Jim makes sure he stays within the boundaries of proof and evidence. 
In the intro Graham reads some weather mod patent names, shares a couple listener synchro, and talks about a couple of articles on scientific advancements in blocking sun and detecting airborne chemicals. Darren shares some social media feedback.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCgtI2iFp2k  Our youtube video with Jim Lee.
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