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Pitchwerks #91 - Allison Howard | Auratek Textiles

The Pitchwerks Podcast

Release Date: 07/04/2018

Happy 4th!  If you were going to buy a bedding set right now, what would you be looking for?  No matter what answer you came up with, chances are that “high tech features” wasn’t on the list.  It's unexpected.  The industry is kind of in a rut.  A long history and familiarity with this product makes us think about price first.  This week, we meet Allison Howard, Founder & CEO of Auratek Textiles, who took her chemical engineering degree and unique observations on skincare and turned them into a long-term business endeavor that has spent years in development.  Auratek is now ready to reveal itself as a performance fabric maker for skin care applications, and Scot sits down and speaks with Allison about how she got her new materials in front of the right people to get to this point.