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Throwing Away Pawns, Building Levels, And Hunting The Big Game

UNfake It 'till you make it!

Release Date: 07/08/2018

This episode is different because there will be no guest. Instead, I wanted to share a recent addition to my career. It has taken quite some time to finally relieve some career stress and I wrote down a short antidote that I hope will be useful to anyone listening. My thesis statement: You don’t have to give up, but sometimes you must throw away your pawns in order to make your way to the Kings and Queens. Please, enjoy!
Show Notes:
 1:30 Anecdote starts
10:10 Airbnb Endeavors Become An Airbnb Host or get $40 off your first Airbnb rental when you travel yourself.
12:30 Enlightenment  
13:00 Counting submissions
14:40 Losing track of time  Tony Skateboarding
16:00 Different submission approaches
17:35 Closing statements
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