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Ep 138: The Future Of Job Boards

The Recruiting Future Podcast Covering Innovation in HR and Recruitment

Release Date: 07/20/2018

Job Boards have been the mainstay of recruitment marketing for nearly 20 years now. In the last few years though there has been an unprecedented disruption in the job board market and with the current global roll out of Google For Jobs this disruption is intensifying.

So what's the future for job boards, what new models are emerging and how should employers be using them? To help answer these questions, my guest this week is Richard Collins, Co-Founder of ClickIQ. Richard is an extremely knowledgeable commentator on the job board industry, and I know you'll enjoy listening to his insights.

• In the interview we discuss:

• The current state of the job board market

• The shift to pay per click

• Reduction of advertising risk via real-time data

• The advantages of using technology to automate job board planning and buying

• The likely future of job boards

Richard also shares his advice on what employers should be doing to get the most value out of their job board strategies.

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