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Book Vs Movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Release Date: 07/20/2018

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "In Cold Blood" (Replay)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos tackle true crime in this episode that features Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood which was a sensation when it was first published in 1966 and started a new genre called the “non-fiction novel.” Capote first read about the Clutter family murders in early December 1959 in a small section of the New York Times.

Book Vs Movie: Book Vs Movie: "Rocketman" (Elton John's "Me)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos are both Elton John fanatics, so when the Book Vs Movie Podcast Group on Facebook came up with the idea to cover John’s #1 New York Times bestseller Me and pair it with the hit film directed by Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle, Bohemian Rhapsody) we immediately put on our platform shoes and bold glasses and got to work. (You see, we are always game to do a thing called the Crocodile Rock!) 

Book Vs Movie: Stephen King Book Vs Movie: Stephen King "You Know They Have a Hell of a Band" (Replay)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

In this ep, Margo D. talks with Juliette Miranda of the amazing Unwriteable Rant podcast and we have a grand old time imbibing our refreshments (Margo enjoys a nice wine out of a can!) while each discussing one our favorite King short stories.

Book Vs Movie: Book Vs Movie: "Rosemary's Baby" RIP Robert Evans (2017 Replay)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

Today we learned that Paramount Chief Robert Evans passed away at the age of 89. So we decided to replay one of our favorite episodes is honored. Margo D. (co-host of Book Vs. Movie) and Juliette Miranda of the Unwritable Rant podcast turn up the spookiness talking about the classic Ira Levin novel and the venerated film directed by Roman Polanski. 

Book Vs Movie: Book Vs Movie: "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos both hear a rapping, rapping at our podcast door but we are not afraid. Because this episode is dedicated to all things “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe and the 1963 Roger Corman movie that stars Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, and a young Jack Nicholson. 

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (Replay)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos are back and talking about spooky books & movies since, duh--it’s October! This is our favorite month of the year and we have so much fun talking about one of our best-loved stories from our childhood-- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow written by the fascinating Washington Irving.  

Book Vs Movie: Stephen King's Book Vs Movie: Stephen King's "Carrie" (1976) Replay Ep

Book Vs Movie Podcast

It’s October and the Margos are SO excited to revisit a classic Stephen King tale--Carrie which we originally covered in 2014 (using the old, old way we recorded back in the early days.)  This is not only King's first movie adaptation but it is also based on his first published novel. There are so many changes between book & movie that we wanted to give it a modern treatment (meaning better sound and lots of clips!)

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "The Birds"

Book Vs Movie Podcast

The Margos both have stories about the first time we saw the Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds and knew they also wanted to return to the fascinating life of Daphne du Maurier so it made sense to include her short story in our season of “scary” books and movies. 

Book Vs Movie: Stephen King's Book Vs Movie: Stephen King's "Sleepwalkers" & "Sometimes They Come Back" (Replay)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

In this special “Stephen King” ep, Margo D. and Adam Riske who is a contributor to the excellent movie podcast F This Movie, get together to talk about two rather weird Stephen King productions that they both love for nostalgic reasons. Then we wander off into some unexpected pop-culture tangents-- but let's get into the movies first.

Book Vs Movie Book Vs Movie "Coraline" (Replay)

Book Vs Movie Podcast

What would you do if your mother and father all of a sudden became entirely different (and scary) people? Coraline Jones is a young English girl who moves to an old house that is filled with interesting characters (such as Miss Spink, Miss Forcible and Mr. Bobo,) loving (yet kind of absent) parents and a bricked-up door leading to an adventure which tests the might and ingenuity of our heroine. (Spoiler--we really love this book & movie here!)

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Book Vs Movie

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Wait, it was based on a book?


The Margos were shocked to find out that the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit (directed by Robert Zemeckis) was based on a very dark book titled Who Censored Roger Rabbit by author Gary K. Wolf which meant, of course, we had to cover them both for our show. (Thanks to all of the members of our Facebook group for pointing us in this direction!)

The book was published in 1981 and is very different in both tone and attitude to the 1988 adaptation. In the “Censored” world--the characters are darker and meaner with totally different stakes than in the movie.

Disney, which produced the film, made some substantial changes in the look and with the characters featured making it much more kid-friendly (but still with some really scary in some scenes!)

So between the book and movie--which did the Margos like better? Check out the link below to find out!

In this ep the Margos discuss :

  • The true origin story of Roger Rabbit
  • The biggest differences between book and movie
  • How the “toons” speak in the book versus the movie
  • Why the author has continually sued Disney over profits he claims he is still owed
  • The cast of the movie including Bob Hoskins, Christopher Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy and Charles Fleischer
  • The women who voiced Jessica Rabbit
  • Plus, tons of trivia and tidbits

Clips Featured:

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit  trailer
  • Why Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) won’t work with toons
  • Jessica Rabbit (Kathleen Turner) meets Eddie
  • Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer) “Drinks the Drink”
  • Outro Music “Wny Don’t You Do Right”  Amy Irving

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