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235 Drew Canole: You Be You

Wellness Force

Release Date: 10/09/2018

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What is your first reaction to experiencing stress? How do you unwind?

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How can you become a soil health advocate to help heal Mother Nature and save humanity?

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What can help you let go of lower-level emotions during the COVID-19 lockdown?

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With so many choices out there, which probiotic should be on all of our radars?

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Can we all be a little bit more conscious, listen, and see what all of us have in common to truly come together in 2020?

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Are you breathing right?

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There's so much noise out there in social media, the news, and all of this circulating negative energy that takes people out of silence. Silence is where the juice and beauty is; that's where you can go deep within yourself and figure out what lights you on fire. A life without understanding who you really are is kind of fleeting; there's not a lot of joy to it. Finding yourself is an emotional rollercoaster so getting grounded in who you really are is what You Be You is all about. - Drew Canole

What steps can you take to detox your life, crush limitations, and own your awesome?

Discover your unique power like never before.



On Wellness Force Radio episode 235, Transformation Coach, Founder of Organifi, and Author of You Be You, Drew Canole, joins us for the second time to reveal how every day can be a new rebirth for your life, what soul mapping is and why it's so vital for doing the inner work, and where exactly in your heart you can physically, spiritually, and mentally get in touch with yourself.

Get ready to find out your 'why' and figure out what you want to see, hear, feel, and become as you go through your own You Be You self-discovery journey.

"You can become someone new at any moment you choose. Most people are waiting for a specific magic moment but the thing is, there is magic in every single moment of our lives." - @drewcanole on @wellnessforce Radio episode 235 wellnessforce.com/235


Pre-Order You Be You now and get exclusive bonus content!

You Be You by Drew CanoleYou Be You is designed to empower you to seek more, be more, and do more--from a place of self-love, first and foremost. Loving yourself is not selfish; it's necessary.

In this book, transformation specialist Drew Canole shows that no matter where you've been or where you are right now, there are tools you can implement to live fully, healthily, and happily. Drew himself has overcome insane obstacles--from a painful childhood spent in foster care, to being bullied, to an unhealthy relationship with food that resulted in gaining 40 pounds, to finally breaking through and harnessing his personal power to achieve incredible success!

Drew will take you on a three-part journey to detox from external expectations, embrace your darkness and reclaim your light, and recognize your limitless potential. You'll shift from your current perspective and limiting beliefs to a new, more enlightened mindset that includes surrender, trust, self-honesty, meditation, positive intention, and kindness toward yourself and others. And the result? A life aligned with true purpose, meaning, and incredible amounts of awesomeness.

Purchase 1 Book: 

  • Instant Access to “Upgrade Your Life” Masterclass ($79 Value)
  • Receive a special bundle of videos, PDFs, and meditation tracks designed to help you shift your life to the next level.

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  • Join Drew for a private event in San Diego, CA, or in real time by live streaming it from the comfort of your home, as Drew dives deeper into insights from the book and explores his favorite techniques to create lasting change in your life

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Listen To Episode 235 As Drew Canole Uncovers:

  • How we can allow every day to be a new rebirth for our life rather than dwelling in the past.
  • Why putting so much time and effort into our bodies can be a distraction for something more important in our lives.
  • Why we're always striving to get to that place where we're enough when we've already reached it by just being us.
  • The 3 phases of You Be You and why Drew structured the book to be condensed and full of information compared to being lengthy.
  • How we can use trauma as fuel in our lives and for others as teachers, helpers, and mentors.
  • Why self-care and self-love are the reason why we see positive results in our lives and the people in them.
  • How Drew felt a spiritual push and guidance to be where he's at today in his life.
  • His interest in NLP programming and how to create change with the help of mentors.
  • The identity pyramid which allows you to break down your own identity and change who you are.
  • Our 3D selves versus 4D and 5D selves and how to get to a more spiritual place.
  • Where in our heart we can physically, spiritually, and mentally get in touch with ourselves.
  • Why he doesn't focus on chasing his own success but how we can show up and empower others.
  • How he creates a culture of transformational change within his company and how his team can share that with the world.
  • The difference between how Organifi creates and sells their products compared to other companies who use lower quality ingredients.
  • Why they chose to put reishi mushrooms, cordyceps, and rhodiola in their Organifi Red Juice.
  • What a dry fast is and why he chooses to occasionally do one for a cellular clean up.
  • Why he wants to be so open with other people about himself, what he's gone through, and what he's currently experiencing.
  • Steps we can take to help people who are skeptical of self-responsibility and self-respect.
  • The spiritual law of interference and karma: Why people who need to be healed will find what they need.
  • Soul mapping - what it is and how it can help when you do inner work.
  • The why identity process and how uncovering your 'why' is so important for understanding yourself.

Power Quotes From The Show

"Once you get everything that you want, you realize that it's such a small piece of the whole entire picture. I want as many as people as possible to wake up and recognize their own greatness." - @drewcanole on @wellnessforce Radio episode 235 wellnessforce.com/235

"When you make the conscious act every day to supply yourself with the highest quality nutritious, organic superfoods that have been clinically tested to legitimately lower your stress, reduce depression, increase your energy, improve your mood, and do all of these absolutely amazing things for the human body, it just changes you." - Drew Canole 

"If I am part of divinity and a pencil in the hand of God plus know that God is constantly expanding in the constant universe, rippling out then my natural ability to expand co-exists with what that is. The big bang is inside of me so my ability to be open is really my ability to hook to the infinity that's within me. That's the greatest secret of all because once you have access to that and it's not about you, your dream life is there and divine synchronicity starts to happen. God or the universe is using us consistently but we have to be open to it." - Drew Canole

"Put your faith out there and just be you; don't try to change yourself in order to sell more products because that's not going to be fun. You're going to get to the end of your life and you'll have all this money but if you lose yourself in the process of making money, that's not a life worth living. You just want to become more of who you are and you want the world to pay attention and buy that."  - Drew Canole

"Soul mapping is really turning inwards, getting deep within yourself, and recognizing the patterns in our lives. When you look back far enough on your life, you'll see this red thread of patterns of your soul's choices. Once you get to that point, you're much more equipped to make choices from your soul in the future. A lot of times, we make choices from our mind but if you can start to make choices from your heart and soul, your purpose and desire for what you want to create on this planet really start to enlarge."  - Drew Canole

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About Drew Canole

Drew CanoleFueled by small-town values and a big vision for a better planet, Drew Canole begins each day with one simple goal in mind – to positively impact the lives of others. Through his work as a Personal Coach and endeavors such as EnrichYourExistence.com and FitLife.tv, Drew aims to inspire and motivate others to search deep within themselves to create an abundant, healthy and fulfilling life. "Improve one life; improve the world."

Drew was born and raised in the small, rural community of Lake City in Northern Michigan. After attending Central Michigan University, he launched a successful career in finance before recognizing that his greatest talent was helping others discover their untapped potential. He currently resides in San Diego, where his work as an author, fitness specialist and transformation expert has made him one of the most reputable Personal Coaches in Southern California.

Drew is committed to the conviction that people are at their best when challenged. He pushes others to bust through personal barriers and reach new heights in physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

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