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CD183: Tax Cuts... For Some of US

Congressional Dish

Release Date: 10/29/2018

Goodbye Thank You Episodes show art Goodbye Thank You Episodes

Congressional Dish

This show wouldn't exist without its producers who have paid for Congressional Dish to keep it going and growing for 9 years and counting. In this last public bonus Thank You episode, hear about the changes coming to your podcast as it enters its 10th year. It's time to refocus and give you more of what you're paying for: Deep dives into what Congress is doing with your money and in your name.

CD242 The Offshore Drilling Police show art CD242 The Offshore Drilling Police

Congressional Dish

On October 1, 2021 an oil pipeline that was likely struck by a cargo ship's anchor leaked tens of thousands of gallons of oil into the ocean and onto the beaches of Orange County, CA. In this episode, examine how the oil spill happened by listening to testimony provided to both the U.S. Congress and the California State Senate, and learn about the disturbing lack of policing that is taking place under the sea.

Thank You Chas show art Thank You Chas

Congressional Dish

Congressional Dish has an Instagram account! Follow @congressionaldish and listen to this bonus Thank You episode to meet Chas, the Congressional Dish producer who will be (finally) giving the podcast a legit social media presence. After chatting for quite a while, Jen and Chas thank and respond to producer messages, which include thoughts on nuclear power, congressional dysfunction, and Dave Chappelle.

CD 241: 20th Anniversary of the Patriot Act show art CD 241: 20th Anniversary of the Patriot Act

Congressional Dish

The Patriot Act: A law that is still governing us after 20 years despite being almost universally hated. In this episode, we take a close look at the lesser known parts of the Patriot Act that became permanent immediately, examine the status of the few provisions that had to be reauthorized over the years, find out how the law was crafted in the first place, and see what happened to the members of Congress who voted for this rights-destroying legislation.

Thank You Manchin The Corruption Preserver show art Thank You Manchin The Corruption Preserver

Congressional Dish

Most press coverage right now is focusing on Sen. Joe Manchin's efforts to gut the Democratic Party's "Build Back Better" bill, but his efforts to gut the For The People Act might have much larger consequences for the future of the country. In this bonus "thank you" episode, learn about Senator Manchin's effort to maintain Congressional corruption in our election systems before Jen and Husband Joe thank producers and respond to their feedback, much of it about BIF: The Infrastructure Bill.

CD240: BIF The Infrastructure BILL show art CD240: BIF The Infrastructure BILL

Congressional Dish

Jen has been all over the internet lately telling the world that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a dumpster fire of a bill. In this episode, she backs that up by comparing the levels of investment for different kinds of infrastructure and examining the society changing effects the bill would have if it were to become law.

Thank You #HoldTheLine show art Thank You #HoldTheLine

Congressional Dish

This week was Congressional madness. In this bonus Thank You episode, Jen starts with an update on all the manufactured crises that came to a head this week and explains why October 18, October 31, and December 3rd are our next scheduled crisis dates. She then reads and responds to producers notes about the WTO, housing, digital nomad life, and more.

CD239: The Enablers of Larry Nassar show art CD239: The Enablers of Larry Nassar

Congressional Dish

In June 2015, the FBI in Indianapolis was notified that Larry Nassar, a doctor for Olympic caliber gymnasts, was sexually abusing his underage patients. In this episode, hear highlights from a riveting Senate hearing with testimony from Maggie Nichols, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, and Simone Biles and get all the details presented in an Inspector General report explaining why the FBI did nothing to stop Larry Nassar for over a year while he continued to abuse dozens of additional young girls.

Thank You Water Bombs show art Thank You Water Bombs

Congressional Dish

In this bonus "thank you" episode for producers, Jen starts off the episode with an addendum to Losing Afghanistan before thanking producers and filling everyone in on the magnificence of the new Raiders stadium.

CD238: Losing Afghanistan show art CD238: Losing Afghanistan

Congressional Dish

The war in Afghanistan is over. In this episode, we document how and why the Biden administration finally admitted defeat in our 20 year attempt to create a new government in Afghanistan and we take a hard look at the lessons we need to learn. Afghanistan is a country in a far away land, but there are disturbing similarities between the Afghanistan government that just collapsed and our own. We'd be wise not to ignore them.

More Episodes

Taxes: We all hate them but we all have to pay them. In December 2017, the Republicans in Congress rushed major changes to our tax policy into law. In this episode, host Jen Briney and her accountant friend, Alexis Claypool, explain the most significant changes to how our tax payments are going to be calculated and how these changes are likely to affect us. You will also learn about a major dingleberry that hitchhiked its way into law attached to this bill. Joe Briney joins Jen for the Thank Yous.

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H.R. 1: An Act to provide for reconciliation pursuant to titles II and V of the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2018.


Subtitle A - Individual Tax Reform

Part I - Tax Rate Reform

Sec. 11001. Modification of Rates

Married Individuals Filing Joint Returns

Heads of Households

Unmarried Individuals

Inflation Adjustment

Part II - Deduction for Qualified Business Income of Pass-Thru Entities

Sec. 11011. Deduction for Qualified Business Income

Phase-In of Limit for Certain Taxpayers

Qualified Business Income

Exception for specified service businesses based on taxpayer's income

Threshold Amount

Application to partnerships and S Corporations

Part III - Tax Benefits for Families and Individuals

Sec. 11021. Increase in Standard Deduction

Sec. 11022. Increase in and Modification of Child Tax Credit.

Sec. 11027. Temporary Reduction in Medical Expense Deduction Floor.

Special Rules for Use of Retirement Funds with Respect to Areas Damaged by 2016 Disasters

Part IV - Education
Part V - Deductions and Exclusions

Sec. 11042. Limitation on Deduction for State and Local, etc. Taxes

Sec. 11043. Limitation on Deduction for Qualified Residence Interest

Sec. 11045. Suspension of Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions

Sec. 11047. Suspension of Exclusion for Qualified Bicycle Commuting Reimbursement

Sec. 11048. Suspension of Exclusion for Qualified Moving Expense Reimbursement

Sec. 11049. Suspension of Deduction for Moving Expenses

Sec. 11051. Repeal of Deduction for Alimony Payments

Part VI - Increase in Estate and Gift Tax Exemption

Sec. 11061. Increase in Estate and Gift Tax Exemption

Part VII - Extension of Time Limit for Contesting IRS Levy
Part VIII - Individual Mandate

Sec. 11081. Elimination of Shared Responsibility of Payment for Individuals Failing to Maintain Minimum Essential Coverage

Subtitle B - Alternative Minimum Tax

Sec. 12001. Repeal of Tax for Corporations

Sec. 12003. Increased Exemption for Individuals

Subtitle C - Business-related Provisions

Part I - Corporate Provisions

Sec. 13001. 21-Percent Corporate Tax Rate

Part II - Small Business Reforms

Sec. 1301. Modifications of Rules for Expensing Depreciable Business Assets

Part III - Cost Recovery and Accounting Methods

Sec. 13201. Temporary 100-Percent Expensing for Certain Business Assets

Sec. 13202. Modifications to Depreciation Limitations on Luxury Automobiles and Personal Use Property

Part IV - Business-Related Exclusions and Deductions

Sec. 13301. Limitation on Deduction for Interest

Sec. 13304. Limitation on Deduction by Employers of Expenses for Fringe Benefits

Qualified Transportation Fringes

Transportation and Commuting Benefits

Sec. 13306. Denial of Deduction for Certain Fines, Penalties, and Other Amounts

Sec. 13307. Denial of Deduction for Settlements Subject to Nondisclosure Agreements Paid in Connection with Sexual Harassment or Sexual Abuse

Sec. 13308. Repeal of Deduction for Local Lobbying Expenses

Sec. 13311. Elimination of Deduction for Living Expenses Incurred by Members of Congress

Part V - Business Credits

Sec. 13403. Employer Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave


Part VI - Provisions Related to Specific Entities and Industries

Sec. 13531. Limitation on Deduction for FDIC Premiums

Part VII - Employment

Sec. 13602. Excise Tax on Excess Tax-Exempt Organization Executive Compensation

Part VII - Exempt Organizations

Sec. 13702. Excise Tax Based on Investment Income of Private Colleges and Universities

Part IX - Other Provisions

Sec. 13802. Reduced Rate of Excise Tax on Beer

Sec. 13804. Reduced Rate of Excise Tax on Wine

Sec. 13807. Reduced Rate of Excise Tax on Certain Distilled Spirits

Subtitle D - International Tax Provisions

Part 1 - Outbound Transactions

Sec. 14101. Deduction for Foreign-Source Portion of Dividends Received by Domestic Corporations from Specified 10-Percent Owned Foreign Corporations

Sec. 14202. Deduction for Foreign-Derived Intangible Income and Global Intangible Low-Taxed Income

Sec. 14211. Elimination of Inclusion of Foreign Base Company Oil Related Income

Part II - Inbound Transactions
Part III - Other Provisions

Title II

Sec. 20001. Oil and Gas Program

Sec. 20003. Strategic Petroleum Reserve Drawdown and Sale

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