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Cliff Notes - ep18 - Talking APIs evolving serverless with Rob Allen

Cliff Notes Podcast: Ask a Leader

Release Date: 11/23/2018

Rob specialises in web APIs and working with modernising legacy software for companies. The development agency Nineteen Feet was formed in 2013 by Rob Allen. A published author and long term public speaker who also contributes to Open Source projects including leadership roles in Slim Framework and Zend Framework. Rob has also has an interest in Serverless solutions, in particular the Apache OpenWhisk project and its commercial implementation on IBM Cloud Functions.

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This episode of Cliff Notes Podcast: Ask a leader, host and founder of Holdingbay Tristan Bailey talks to Rob Allen for the Cliff Notes podcast. Rob has been programming and advising companies on long term strategy for many years. We get into talking about APIs and how they can adapt and grow your systems while offering a cost reduction to future work and collaboration with other business systems.

Show Notes: https://holdingbay.co.uk/cliff-notes/podcasts/18/