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Christmas Vacation Bonus Episode 8: Interview with Beverly D'Angelo

The Wilder Ride

Release Date: 12/31/2018

During our bonus show where we began to look at the film Christmas Vacation one minute at a time, we had the chance to speak with actress Beverly D'Angelo who plays Ellen Griswold in the film franchise. We only had an hour of her time and it was a true WILD RIDE to try to stay focused on the film, while learning a little more about her. We covered her intro into films, her love of singing, some fun memories from the set and her thoughts on some of the actors. We also learn she has a secret desire to be in a different career in the world of private detectives. It's a great chance to hear a candid and honest conversation with the actress we all know and love as Mrs. Clark Griswold from all of the Vacation films.