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Two Businesses, Three Podcasts, Two Bands–Super Dave Hamilton


Release Date: 01/15/2019

Dave Hamilton, co-founder BackBeat Media, The Mac Observer, Mac Geek Gab, GigGab for Working Musicians, The Small Business Show This is the first episode of 2019–season two! And it features my friend Dave Hamilton. He's co-founder of BackBeat Media and creator of The Mac Observer. He’s also producer of the Mac Geek Gab, GigGab for Working Musicians, and The Small Business Show podcasts. 
Our conversation covers the evolution of Dave's businesses, his personal evolution as a business owner, manager, podcast producer, sales guy, and employer. We also touch on his personal challenges with management, delegation and change.
He's also a working musician, a husband, and a father. As the image I chose for this episode implies, Dave is also a man with a sense of whimsy.