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Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode 008]

Exciting Emails: The Podcast

Release Date: 01/30/2019

Helllooooo, this is going to be a suuuuper short and sweet episode today as it really won’t be me waffling on about all of the thoughts swirling around my head, it’s going to be straight to the point. What makes a good, bad and UGLY social media bio, how to craft one that’s perfect for you and why it’s so important. So let’s crack on shall we?

I have had some CRACKING social media bios ‘ Puppies, Potatoes, Patridge’ I mean SO ON BRAND right? And I’ve had the classic, ‘I’m Vix, 30, I blog about dating.’ YAWNFEST but as I’ve been working with others and pivoting my blog throughout the years I’ve got a sense of what works and what doesn’t.

You probably think, ‘meh no one reads it,’ or, ‘it’s fine as it is’ and I’M SURE IT IS, but what if I told you that your bios can be make or break over who follows you? Or whether a brand wants to work with you or not? Not OK with it being fine now are we?

I’m going to give some examples of Instagram bios I’ve come across (names changed obvs) that just aren’t doing it for me and why. And then I’m going to give some examples of ones that are KILLING IT.

But first I suggest you go back and you think about those ‘words’ we collated that sum up our online personas.

If mine are honest, awkward, funny and my bio is ‘VIX, YOUR FAVOURITE BLOGGER’ FAVOURITE BLOGGER’ you’re going to have a reaction, EITHER you’re going to get the David Starr reference (holla at me if you get it) and see that it’s totally on brand with my funny/awkwardness ORRR you’re going to think, ‘wow what a jumped up prick’ which I HOPE is the opposite of my brand!

So if yours are ‘wellness, grateful, grounded’ a bio that says, ‘ASOS, pizza and partying’ isn’t going to cut it - do you see what I mean?

So let’s look at some examples…


Twenty Something Northern Gal

World Traveller & Music Lover

You think - great, she sounds like me, I bet we have loads in common! But then you look at her content. It’s make up flat lays and she hasn’t been further than Barnsley since 2016. It doesn’t represent the content she’s offering people NOW. So why should they follow her? If they like music, they’ll want to see related content. And if it’s a travel brand looking for influencers to work with, they’ll want to see up to date and relevant examples of that type of content.

How about…

Frank, Fashion mad, Fake It Til You Make It

And there’s Frank wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Who is going to be interested in this content? And what the fuck does that cheesy quote mean?

I suppose what I’m getting at is that your bio must have PURPOSE. It’s purpose is to tell people just coming to your profile WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT and also WHAT CONTENT THEY CAN EXPECT.

It needs to be a mix of (just like your about page actually) of personal and ‘professional’ in a way.

And here’s a lil nugget I’m going to throw at you. As of January 2019, lots of Instagram users are reporting only being able to see the first 2 lines of someone’s bio - this could end up being rolled out across or not but it means we need to be as strategic as possible.

So here are some formulas that work…

Sarah, Style, Travel, Good London Food

Forever wearing pink and listening to Pink

First of all, she’s listed her main content types in the first line. If you’re interested in those, you’ll follow.

Then she’s given an idea of her personality, identity and interests - less important and not exactly Marmite but enough to get a personable sense.

Chloe, I write about life and I like nice clothes too - now this is actually Chloe Plumstead on instagram (I am obsessed) and that whole first line NAILS her brand. Her blog is full of brilliant life think pieces and her Instagram is mainly just her looking buff. It does what it says on the tin!

So let’s have a play with yours now.

And PS this isn’t just about Instagram, the same formula can be used on Twitter but instead of writing about the types of photos you post, it could be the types of tweets you send. SO for example, let’s go back to Sarah…

Sarah, Style, Travel, Good London Food

Forever wearing pink and listening to Pink

Becomes, Sarah, blogs about style and travel, tweets about the best burger places in London and if they play Pink - bonus

Do you see what I mean?

Anyway, back to Instagram. If you have a business profile you can choose a category, which comes up under your name - I went with ‘Blogger’.

But your name part can have a fair few characters, I changed mine to Vix Zero BS Blog BFF but I’ve seen others say Sarah, Style & Travel in their name parts. Stands out in bold too!

Then in your bio, you can write it as a paragraph OR you can do a bullet point or emoji bullet list.

I used to have, ‘Mid Size Clothes & Dicking About In Prose’ for the first sentence which showed I was mainly posting pictures of my size 14-16 assss and writing long captions. Now it says, ‘Blogger, Mentor & Podcast Host’ because I want people to know what I do. I might change this though when I’m making more regular types of content on Instagram because I’m pivoting (again looooolll).

Then in my next bullet point, I have the @exciting_emails handle - this probably isn’t the best so I’ll be changing it soon. And probably some more information about the types of things I post, so here you could put, ‘Style, Travel, Lunch’ or whatever.

Then in the last bullet point, I’d have something personal - this could be the thing that Instagram eventually cuts off so it doesn’t matter too much but it gives a new follower a more personable idea about you. I could put, ‘Puppies, Potatoes, Partridge’ here and hope for the best or you can put something like Chloe has, ‘Spotify Playlist extraordinaire’ - something funny, witty, personable AND ON BRAND - would work.

Technically to get those bullet points, I THINK you have to press return or enter and the end of each sentence rather than a space and then enter if you see what I mean? But it’s all trial and error! You could also write it in your Notes app and then copy and paste it?

Then to finish off I’d have a link to a landing page on your website and I’m going to go through how to create one of those in a blog post or summit, haven’t figured it out yet!

So there you have it - a new bio that tells the world who you are and what you do online.

Come over to the Facebook group to share yours and get feedback. Don’t forget to Insta Stories you listening and what you’ve learned - I’ll be reposting and yeah, please tell a few friends to listen in - it means the world!

Chat soon my deaaaaar