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Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode 009]

Exciting Emails: The Podcast

Release Date: 02/07/2019

Hey guys! I’m back today with an episode alllll about the platform that lots of us have found very confusing - Pinterest. What are monthly viewers? How are people going viral? Why is it such a good traffic source for some and not for others and how the Jeff do we make it work for us.

Well, I sat down with Reena Rai, the UK Influencer Community Manager for Pinterest and she gave me the TOTAL 401 on Pinterest so I thought I’d share what I learned with you.

Currently over 250m people access Pinterest every month with around 50m of them hailing from the UK. They use it to essentially see what to do, what to buy and what to create. This means it’s an unbelievable tool to master for bloggers and online business owners a like - that’s a LOT of people seeing your content. And no silly, ‘let’s limit it to 6% of your followers’ business going on either.

Now I am NOT a Pinterest expert, so what I thought I’d do is kind of like a walkthrough episode for ya so that you can get your laptops or phones out and implement some tweaks and changes as we go through OR if you’re on the go, this episode might just lift the lid on what a GIFT Pinterest is for bloggers and online business owners a like. SO if you’re ready, let’s crack on.

First things first, a lot of you have come to me in the past and said, ‘oh Vix I know I should be on Pinterest but I just don’t know where to start’ or, you’ve been wondering how to generate traffic from it. TOTALLY been there myself. Now usually I would direct you to some Pinterest whizzes like Victoria from Apartment No 4, who wrote a great blog post for me all about Pinterest for bloggers - so defo go and read that. But I thought, seeing as I’ve just met with Pinterest, I can break it down for you like Reena did for me!

So you’ve probably heard this a thousand billion times but Pinterest is a visual search engine. It’s like Google’s better looking sister. The me, to my twin. Haha. Jokes.

What that means though is that is a platform that people go to to look for inspiration or guidance - a range of how tos, tutorials and tips. So in the same way that your brilliantly helpful and interesting content does well in Google search - that same content should also do well on Pinterest.

One HUGE benefit of Pinterest, unlike other social media apps *cough*INSTAGRAM*cough* is that your followers see your content and share it widely to people who AREN’T following you. Which again means so many eyes on your content!

Unlike other platforms too, Pinterest content hangs around for AGES with the average shelf life of a pin being 105 days. Imagine all the traffic rolling in from that!

Not all content is made for Pinterest however. Your 3am ramblings over boys not texting you back or that Payday Edit about the New Look purse you want may not pull in the results in comparison to a travel guide, beauty tutorial, fashion cookbook, recipe or guide.

This is probably why I haven’t utilised Pinterest before. I can’t seem many people looking to it for tips on snogging or what to say to fuckboys. But now I’m writing more lifestyle and blogging based content - it’s definitely something I want to utilise.

I’ll give you a bit of background on my Pinterest - it ain’t me. Haha I had the wonderful Lex from Talonted Lex manage it for a month or two and she helped optimise my boards. Then I had a couple of other pals help out with getting to grips with the Tailwind scheduler - but I’ll come back to that. So if you go on my profile and see a quarter of a million monthly views (as it stands) please don’t think that makes me good at Pinterest. Haha!

Anyway, now I have the wonderful Dani who works with me and she sets up my Tailwind pins BUT after my meeting with Reena, I came home and basically transformed my entire profile - and that’s what I’m going to work with you on today.

So, if you’re listening to this, I hope you have a Pinterest account already set up. BUT if it’s personal, you’re going to need to convert it to business. So go ahead and pause here because you MUST do it. Business accounts give you so much more access to analytics, rich pins (I’ll explain) and a whole host of goodies that Pinterest has coming up (which I got a sneak peek into and OMFG)

Once you’ve done that, I want us to walk through how to optimise your profile. GO ahead and click ‘Settings’ and your profile should come up.

Fill it in but there’s one area I really want you to focus on and that’s your profile name and description. This is where you need to get those keywords in that relate to your blog or business. So for example, because I blog about blogging and I’m a blogging coach - I want to make sure my profile name and description has keywords like - blogger, blogging tips, social media strategy etc in it. Your description is totally searchable so make sure you’ve got the terms in there that you want to be found for!

The next best bit about a business profile is that you get to ‘claim’ your other channels. To claim your website, you need to get a piece of code from Pinterest and then to put it into your website’s backend (that’s what she said). I’m on Wordpress so I downloaded a plugin called Headers and Footers which meant I could copy and paste the code into my header. There are tons of tutorials on how to do this for all web platforms if you get stuck.

Next, you can use the APIs of Instagram, Youtube and Etsy to claim those accounts too - definitely recommended. This means that if anyone wants to pin your banging Insta content into travel Inso, fashion ideas or beauty tutorials - it all attributes back to you. This could be a great way to gain new followers! You can also upload your Insta content directly to Pinterest too and direct people to your profile.

That’s the basics of your profile up and running. There are other ways to optimise it with the cover pins and featured boards but I think we’ll come back to that in another episode!

You’ll also want to ensure that your blog has the Pinterest ‘Pin It’ or ‘Save’ button installed. This is where people can hover over a picture from your post and a Pinterest logo comes up so that they can save it to their board. On Wordpress you just need to enable to Pinterest plugin and link it to your business account. Again there are tons of tutorials if you’re stuck or if you have a Pipdig theme like I do it comes pre installed - but go and hover over some images on your blog to check it works!

The next great thing you get with a business account is that you can enable, ‘Rich Pins’. All this means is that there are different pin types that will pull through information and look mega fancy. For example - recipe pins will show cooking time, ingredients and all the juicy diets on Pinterest. Mainly we’ll be making ‘article pins’ which is where Pinterest will give a viewer a snippet of what our blog posts are about and will encourage the Pinner to read it.

To get the most out of these pins, you should make sure that when you upload a photo for your post, that you write a description of the article in the description box as this is what Pinterest pulls through. For example, I will make the graphic for this podcast episode and write in the description box something like, ‘Here’s my latest podcast episode which is a beginner’s guide to Pinterest. I discuss how bloggers can use Pinterest and how we can get the most out of our business accounts.’ I will try and put those keywords like ‘beginner’s Pinterest guide’ and ‘bloggers Pinterest’ in there so that it can become searchable within Pinterest.

If you forget though, don’t panic, you can go into Pinterest and rewrite Pin descriptions to make them more searchable by including keywords and even hashtags but I’ll discuss that in a min.

A key benefit of Pinterest over other platforms is the myriad of ways you are discoverable. You can use hashtags - the broader the better as they are still relatively new in Pinterest world. But make sure you put them on fresh content. Some of Pinterests feeds are chronological so hashtags will only matter on fresh content really!

So, your content can be found on Pinterest in these ways - the home feed, the following feed and in related pins.

You will appear in someone’s home feed if Pinterest’s algorithm deems your content relevant to what people have been pinning. SO if I pin loads of gold wedding dresses, the next time I go to my home feed - loads more gold dresses will show up - and not just from people I’m already following.

Then you’ll appear in the feeds of people who follow you, when they click on the Following tab. Using the following tab is a great way to engage with people you follow by repining their stuff or commenting on their pins. GO and show the love!

You also have the chance of appearing in the ‘related pins’ section. If someone clicks on a pin to view it and decides it’s not what they’re looking for, further suggestions will appear at the bottom - that could be you!

I feel like there’s SO MUCH more we can cover and I already see this episode become too beefy, so let’s leave it here and I’ll continue it next week.

TO summarise though, and to give you homework…

  • Go and change to a business account
  • Claim your website and Insta etc
  • Put your keywords related to your blog or business in your profile description
  • Install the save button on your blog
  • Enable rich pins
  • Write descriptions on your blog images

And if you fancy a little challenge - why not create 5 new boards that are relevant to your content and pin at least 40 pins (mix in some of your content) and come and share them on the Facebook group - I’ll start a thread where we can give each other feedback on our profiles and boards.

You could also start a board that is specifically for your blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, Insta images etc!

I’ll come back next week and go into…

  • What makes a good pin
  • How to get the fancy profile cover art
  • What the eff featured boards are and how to organise them
  • A basic pinning strategy to get you started
  • Some info on how to find keywords
  • How to categorise and organise your boards
  • Some info on the types of boards and what they’re useful for
  • And then a few insider tips from Pinterest themselves!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the Facebook group - we’d love to have you, it’s Exciting Emails. Or come and say hi on Instagram or Twitter - @vixmeldrew

And go right ahead and follow me on Pinterest - I’m /vixmeldrew on there!

Until next time, BYEEEEEEE