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Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode 010]

Exciting Emails: The Podcast

Release Date: 02/14/2019

Hello! I’d like to pretend that I’ve been away for a week and won the lottery or had some sort of mega exciting email but alas I’m still in the same pyjamas, on my second Diet Coke, recording this episode straight after the last one. I am on a Pinterest ROLL. Hope that’s OK with you!

I could also be like, ‘loving what you guys have added to the Facebook group, your boards are looking amazing.’ But yeah no time has passed since recording the last episode and for all I know you could be making boards about Mrs Brown’s boys or red chinos.

But let’s crack on shall we - I hope you’ve set up your profile, got it Businessified AF and have been pinning away. I hope some of you have seen success already with your monthly viewers going up. When I recorded this I was on 257k so hopefully I’ll have seen an improvement by the time this comes out!

I would also like to say that I almost gave up on Pinterest. I was getting loads more monthly views but it wasn’t translating into traffic. HOWEVER since doing all of the bits we spoke about last episode and more of what I’m going to discuss today, my traffic from Pinterest has grown by 2200%  which sounds MEGA impressive but actually I used to get 0-1 views a day from Pinterest and now I get on average, 23 a day.

Haha not massive at the moment BUT we are beginners right? And if that is the increase in a few weeks, imagine what it could be in another few weeks, amirite?

SO let’s talk more about how we can really optimise our Pinning game to drive as much traffic back to our blogs as possible… ya ready?

Let’s look at what makes a good pin. Good quality pictures are always a winner. No grainy and pixelated Instagram filtered bad boys are going to do the trick. It’s worth baring in mind that vertical pins do much better than square or landscape pictures. This is why all photos on my blog are now ‘portrait’ and I also ensure I use Canva and it’s Pinterest pin template to create my pin graphics.

Pinterest is also looking at developing it’s featuring of video pins. Again these should be filmed vertically - like stories (which are taking over, aren’t they) so definitely something to think about!

Best performing pins are often clear and inviting lifestyle looking pins and ones with attention grabbing text overlays do a great job too. In fact, what I’ll do is if you sign up to the Exciting Emails mailing list - which I’ll link in the show notes, I’ll send an email out this week with some examples of ‘best practise pins’ - would that be helpful?

You can also experiment with the images! You can have multiple pin images for one blog post. So say if you’ve got a banger of a guide on Bali then do some pins of your best Bali pictures and some with text overlayed to say it’s a Bali guide - you can then use your Business analytics to see which performs best!

One question that often gets asked is how many boards should you pin one piece of content to and that answer is unlimited really - as long as it’s relevant. So say if you have a chocolate cake recipe - you can pin it to desserts, chocolate, cakes etc but you wouldn’t pin it to Utility Jumpsuits. But that’s common sense right so sos for being a knob and pointing that out.

If you’re going to use video for pins make sure you have text overlay as I really, highly doubt anyone uses Pinterest with the sound on. I bloody don’t! Do you???

Last week I told you I’d go through with you a way to get your cover pins looking fancy. If you’ve got a sec and can head over to Pinterest and my profile which is Vix Meldrew, you’ll see that they all look super branded and cohesive. I actually only learnt how to do this at Pinterest HQ but here we are. Firstly I was creating branded pins for all of my content anyway but even if you don’t have this and you just want it to show all your travel pins, because you’re a travel blogger, or style pins because you’re a fashion blogger - this is how.

Go onto your profile and at the top right there should be a pen icon - click on it and it will say, ‘Pick some pins to feature in your profile cover’ - if you can’t find it, head to the show notes and I’ll do a screenshot. There you can select which board you can pull the pins from - remember to keep it branded to your niche if possible!

Alright, another thing I said I’d talk through with you is your featured boards. They are the boards that appear at the top of your profile in a carousel. Again if you look at mine, I’ve got my blog posts and podcast episodes as 2 boards and then 3 others directly related to my niche - blogging tips, marketing tips and Instagram tips! I should just do a potato board for the LOLs shouldn’t I? Or lifestyle images with Diet Coke?

Anyway, To do this you want to go back into your settings, go to your profile and scroll down to where it says ‘Featured Boards’ there you’ll have 5 slots with drop downs so you can choose your best boards! I defo recommend having one with your content in there and your other strong boards with lots of great pins.

Ok now let’s look at a basic pinning strategy.

Like I said, my babe Dani Tailwinds mine for me. Tailwind is an auto scheduler of pins to keep your account ticking over.

I then make sure I go into the app every day and personally pin 5 or more things I like from my home and following feed.

Reena at Pinterest said that you will see an improvement in your monthly views even if you just pin 5 a day. So those spare minutes on the bog, or those drawn out phone calls with your Auntie is the perfect time to absentmindedly pin a few new things each day.

Don’t forget to regularly pin your own content too! New blog posts, YT videos, Insta posts etc - make sure you physically pin them yourself, either from your camera roll or from your platforms - and make sure you edit those descriptions to make them search-worthy.

Ok, like I said, I’d come back to hashtags. You can absolutely put hashtags in your pin descriptions  - it’s a way to get discovered on Pinterest. The broad ones work really well like, travel, beauty, spring summer style etc but you can also pop a search term into the Pinterest search bar to see in what detail people are searching to make your hashtags and keywords even more specific - pale skin makeup, Bali travel for example

A note about descriptions - don’t keyword stuff. Pretty sure I’ve done that before. People read them in sentences so write them in sentences! Just be creative in getting those keywords in.

With regards to keywords - think about that when naming boards. I know it looks good to have M space A space C etc etc but it doesn’t help your boards get discovered! So think of naming your boards with words and phrases that WOULD be searched for. Again use Pinterest’s search bar to get ideas. Like now, if I type in ‘make up’ the results I get are ‘make up looks, tips, storage, tutorials’ - this means, if my blog was a beauty blog, I’d probably think about creating boards called all of these things.

Reena at Pinterest also told me that they love boards with 40+ pins on so perhaps keep em private until you’ve got them looking juicy and then set them public!

Another great tip is to make sure you categorise your boards, you get this option when you create a new one - it helps them get seen in the right places!

Another thing I learned to do at Pinterest is to organise my boards. I had a huge Interiors Inspo one with over 700 pins but they were bedroom, bathroom, living room and bar cart pins - all over the shop. Reena showed me how to go into a board, click on ‘Organise’, select pins of the same type, press ‘Move’ and put them into a section.

You could do this for your blog content too! Especially if you write across different categories. So you could have a board called, ‘Blog Posts’ and then sub sections for beauty, travel, lifestyle etc

Go and have a look at my Interior Inspiration board to see what I mean!

I keep saying ‘another another another’ but honestly I learned so many bloody useful tips at this meeting - like archiving boards. Rather than deleting your amazing boards of leopard print inspired outfits when it’s no longer a hot trend, archive them and bring them out again when it’s time. Really successful pinners have seasonal boards for V Day, Xmas, Halloween etc that they archive and unarchive in the lead up and when it’s relevant. Means you can keep adding to the boards each year rather than deleting and starting new ones!

Which brings me to board types - those are archived ones. You can have secret ones too that only you can see - these are handy if you’re working on projects you don’t want others to know about yet. Or for engagement rings when you’ve only been dating 2 months. Sos Ben but you did get me my dream ring any who.

Lastly there are group boards. These are ones that have tons of contributors and where you can all help each other out by repinning each other’s content. 

A new feature that has started gathering pace in the US but less here is the new Communities feature. Pinterest want to make the platform a bit more sociable so you can now have mini forums dedicated to chatting about your interests. These are currently invite only. I have made ones for Bloggers, Instagrammers and Tips so make sure you’re signed up to the Exciting Emails mailing list because I’ll send an invite to those communities out. This also means that once you’ve been invited to a community, you can create your own too.

I’m not quite sure on the best way to utilise this feature yet but I can imagine with all of the goodies I’ve seen that are coming up for Pinterest, we’ll be doing a follow up episode or blog post SOOOOOON

As you probably know there’s SO much to go into with Pinterest but I wanted to give as much simple info as possible to get us all up and running! I hope this has been helpful and you now feel like you know how to fully optimise your profile, boards and pins! What have I missed? I’d love to hear more tips so defo let me know.

Now let’s get onto some insider secrets that Reena let me know about!

Did you know that each December Pinterest release their 100 trends for the upcoming year? This is based on what is gaining traction and what more people are starting to search for and pin. Why is this useful to know? Well, if you happen to be a vegan blogger and you can see that a trend is vegan donuts - you should bloody make a vegan donut board and write a blog post on vegan donuts - the chance of your pin performing really well, massively increases.

I’ll link the Pinterest 100 in the show notes but I also want to draw your attention to the Pinterest UK blog. BECAUSE they also upload a blog post every month or so to let you know their ‘editorial themes’ or the themes they’re looking to feature. So you get ideas for new boards from the blog and then you can upload your boards to their link and if they love your board - they’ll feature it! The deadline has gone for Feb/March but soon they’ll release their themes for April/May and we can all go off and make boards relevant to the themes they’re spotlighting but also baring in mind they should be relevant to the content we make.

Regardless, even if you don’t have time for that, the Pinterest blog is FULL of helpful updates, news and tips so make sure you go and have a look. Again I’ll link in the show notes.

Whew, that was a LOT right? But again, I hope you’ve found it hopeful.

So what can you go away and do this episode? I’d like for you to share some pins that you think are best practise. I want to see you having a go at creating pins too! I also want you to go off and optimise those boards with keywords, hashtags, sections and categories so we can all see you mean business!

Don’t forget you can always chat with me on Insta or Twitter @vixmeldrew and we can carry on this convo in the Facebook group - Exciting Emails.

Until then though, I’ll leave you with this mountain of homework - alright it’s not actually that much and hopefully you’re inspired to go off and complete it, and I will see you next time! Byeeeee.