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Exciting Emails: The Podcast [Episode 011]

Exciting Emails: The Podcast

Release Date: 02/22/2019

I got a comment on my blog last week that equally fucked me off as it did make me laugh. It said, ‘stop writing all of this dry AF blogging content and get back to talking about anal and dating.’

Now if you’re new to me - this is in reference to the fact I used to blog more heavily about sex and dating.

It initially fucked me off because I was upset at someone giving me internet hate. And then I was upset at the thought I was losing readers and turning people off with my change in direction. I was frustrated. I thought, why can’t that person just bugger off and get a life? I probably went on a Twitter rant about it.

And another thing happened last week too. I turned down about £5,000 worth of brand collaborations, with huge, well known brands. They all seemed to come in at once and they all had one thing in common.

In today’s episode I’m going to talk to you about your people. And why they matter for growing your blog.

Right let’s go back to that shitty comment. It’s not the first one I’ve had like that. Since I’ve launched the podcast, offered blogger coaching and started writing more blogging content on my site, I’ve had a few. All disgruntled readers who followed me during my single days in 2016, engaged in my dating stories and silly listicles on sex and were hopefully entertained by the content I was putting out.

And they’re pissed off now. Pissed off because I don’t really do that any more. Sure, when the Inspo strikes, I like nothing more than rattling off a funny post - mainly to entertain myself nowadays. Of course they could just unfollow me or read someone else’s blog but I’ve learned something about these people. They feel entitled. They’ve supported me for so long and invested so much in my journey that they feel let down that I now have a fiancé, a business and a blogging focus because when they entered me (whaaaat) I was single, in a job I was miserable in and blogged about blow jobs.

And I kind of get it. I’m not serving them any more. The answer is that they should of course just unfollow me and be served elsewhere - sorry for all the innuendos but hey, it’s me. But perhaps they’re still holding out hope I’ll return to serving them with what they want.

And now let’s talk about those brand deals.

When I first went full time, I thought I had to take every collaboration offered to me because I was terrified about paying my rent. My previous approach to sponsored content - which was only excepting things I genuinely loved and could put my own creative spin on - went out the window a little bit because I was terrified I’d have to pick up a day or two supply teaching to cover my bills.

But as the year as gone on and I’m nearly at a year of being a full time blogger, I’m less concerned with worrying over whether I should take everything that’s offered JUST IN CASE and decided to focus on finding those brands that more closely align with me, my interests and my values.

The result of that is that I’m getting more and more repeat collaborations with brands, as opposed to boshing up the one offs and I can actually say no. And in some cases, I’m saying no to things I actually do really want to do, because I don’t see how it can help me serve my people. I’ll talk more about that in a sec.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to find your people online.

And to forget those who you don’t need to serve any more.

Going back to the previous episodes on finding your niche, working out your ideal reader and working out who you are online are really key for this.

Like I’ve mentioned before, my ideal reader/follower/coaching client is - a woman, in her mid twenties to mid thirties who is currently on a career path they don’t enjoy and they really want to carve out their online platforms into something they can take from a side hustle to a main income stream. They’re serious about growing their platforms and using their influence for good - I’m sorry but I’m not going to cater for wannabe Instagram models now am I? They understand that 5 minutes of fame on social media means nothing but establishing themselves as an expert in their niche will bring long lasting success.

Sure, that’s probably a small subset of people compared to the hundreds that google ‘fingering’ and come across my blog every day. But it doesn’t matter. I know that everything I do needs to cater for them.

So how do I do that? I create these podcasts! I write the blog posts which hopefully offer loads of value. I have the Facebook group where I’m on hand all the time for feedback and advice and I have my Membership.

And my membership is another area that has really hammered this lesson home for me. Because we’ve lost members along the way. And initially I was sad about it because I worried I wasn’t doing a good enough job, or being helpful enough. That’s my confidence issues coming in to play. But as time goes on, and I learn more about serving my people - I just realised that as much as I love those gals, they weren’t my ‘ideal’ coaching clients IYSWIM? Perhaps they weren’t ready to invest time, imagination or unable to invest the money - I don’t judge them at all, I think they’re fucking amazing but equally I’m not sad about it. Because it helps me hone my ideal client.

We’re full with the membership for now so there’s a waiting list - because as time goes on and I get more experienced, I’ve realised  again that I don’t need to accept anyone in because I want to be fully booked or make money - I’ve realised that I only really want to work with people who are my people. And I don’t care if that’s 5, 50 or 500!

Hopefully you can see the point I’m arriving at.

Finding your people isn’t about finding as many as possible. It’s serving those key few.

In a world where we’re obsessed with chasing followers and growing numbers, we forget actually that those who are key in our growth are the ones who’ve been there all along.

I recently joined The Coven which is a female entrepreneur membership/support group kinda thang and I had a chat with the amazing leader, Sapphire about all of this. She told me that all I need to focus on with my blog and my business is solving problems that my ideal audience face. And that’s it.

So yes, I’m creating more blog content based solely on what you guys tell me through email, Facebook and comments you need help with. And yes, I’m putting a waiting list out for the membership so that I can make sure when I open it again, I only accept people who are truly my people - to join the rest of my galled (wait I can’t get away with saying that, I’m not cool enough) and yes I’ll be posting more on instagram about my work and YES I’m only going to take on brand collaborations where I feel I can either entertain you or provide you with something you want to see.

And yes that may mean I lose old readers and followers who get the point that I’m not writing about blow jobs consistently any more. And I might lose Instagram followers who want to see what I had for lunch. And yes some of my members might fall away.

But what’s left is that core group of people - brands, followers, friends - who are with me on this ride because they trust I’m with them.

So what can you take away from this?

I really really urge you to dig deep on who your ideal reader is. I urge to create content for them. I urge you to go out of your way to engage with them and be grateful for them. I urge you to reflect on the brand partnerships you’re coveting or completing and truly see whether they serve your people.

And then I urge you to think about all of the ways you can serve your people! And feed back to me because I’m going to be doing an upcoming episode on all these ways very very soon!

What’s been your biggest thing you’re taking away from this episode? Please email me, DM me or post in the Facebook group because I think it’s so so so important!

Until next time, byeeee