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Blazing Saddles Episode 38: Little bastard shot me in the ass

The Wilder Ride

Release Date: 04/17/2019

We open as The Waco Kid tells Bart all the killings got pretty gritty. Then, one day, as he was walking down the street, a voice said, "Reach for it, Mister!" The Waco Kid recalls turning around and standing face-to-face with a 6 year old kid. He threw his guns down and walked away. Then he added, "Little bastard shot me in the ass." He finishes his story, telling Bart that he crawled to the nearest saloon, crawled inside a whiskey bottle, and has been there ever since. After a moment, Sheriff Bart hands Jim a his bottle, telling him to have a drink.

Today’s guest is Chris Frain who is the producer and co-host of “Open the Podcast Doors, HAL” – a movie-by-minute examination and celebration of 2001: A Space Odyssey. He also records and performs electronic music under the name Pattern Language, and composes music for films on occasion.

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