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Episode 011: Disrupting and Diminishing the Cycle of Sex Trafficking

Justice Hope Freedom Podcast

Release Date: 04/19/2019

International Justice Mission is a global organization with a plan to eliminate the slave trade everywhere.

Richard Lee is a sought-after speaker on issues of justice and the Church, speaking at churches across the nation for the last 20 years. His passion for speaking has taken him to be on the TEDx stage, where he presented "Slavery Still Exists. Here's How to End It.” 

In his role as director of church mobilization for International Justice Mission, he works with pastors and churches to deepen engagement with the biblical call of justice and the work of IJM. Through preaching on Sundays and forming partnerships with churches, he aims to keep the issue of justice as a part of discipleship in the Church.

Interviewed on March 26, 2019