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Interview with David Dockrell

Assembled Chaos Podcast

Release Date: 05/23/2019

I have been working with the SHIELD consortium now for a little over 1.5 year now. The coordinator of SHIELD, David Dockrell, is in my mind the perfect example of a translational researcher who is working at the intersection of basic science and clinical medicine. He is able to bring together big concepts that have the potential to really make a difference and at the same lead a team that is delivering the meticulous and sometimes tedious basic science.

Working to help moderate the interactions as I do in SHIELD has been an interesting experience that has stretched my mind. Just the number of acronyms that fly around in the dialogue is mind boggling. That said, what I have learned is that the work that was conceived and is now being conducted in SHIELD is very elegant and illustrates what I think the future of medicine will look like. So, I asked, and David agreed to let me interview him.