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Can Comedy Get You High?

2 Non Doctors

Release Date: 03/28/2020

Episode 2: Can Comedy Get You High?

Liz and Maria discuss:

- how their quarantine is going

- how its not ok to say "spaz" in the UK

- This week's googles: Maria's "Can you burst a blood vessel in your eyeball?" and Liz's "Do expiration dates on over-the-counter drugs matter?"

- Random shout out to our friend and fellow comic Carmen Lynch and our old web series "Apt C3"

- Let's get personal: "Do you use lotion every day?"

- Maria turns down Liz's pee challenge

- Main topic: Can you get high from performing stand-up comedy?

Questions for the fans: Have we helped you feel less lonely during this pandemic? What was your outlet or addiction that you can't partake in anymore because of social distancing and quarantine?

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