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Imagine Peace - Episode 2 - Ellen Bintz Meuch

Imagine Peace

Release Date: 09/17/2023

Welcome to the Imagine Peace podcast. Join our 21-Day World Peace Meditation Challenge at www.TenMillionforWorldPeace.org. Let's harness the power of collective meditation to create ripples of peace that reach every corner of our planet! 🌏🕊️ Here's how to participate: 1️⃣ Join www.TenMillionforWorldPeace.org for daily meditation prompts and inspiration. 2️⃣ Join our 7 minute meditation each day and enjoy our Imagine Peace Podcast. 3️⃣ Share your insights, experiences, and feelings using the hashtag ##tenmillion4peace 4️⃣ Encourage your friends and family to join - the more, the merrier! 🌈 Let's show the world that inner peace is a force for positive change. Together, we can create a peaceful, happy planet! 🌍💖 Are you in? Tag a friend who's ready to join the journey, and let's make a difference, one meditation at a time. 🙏✨ #tenmillion4peace #meditateforpeace #worldpeace #meditateforworldpeace #ImaginePeacePodcast #WorldPeaceMeditationChallenge #InnerHarmony

Ellen, who resides in Wheaton, Illinois, has been dedicated to using the labyrinth to help individuals, communities, and the world since 2001 when she became a Veriditas certified facilitator. Originally, she focused her labyrinth energy on helping persons served. In 2005 she created the Global Healing Response, a plan that helps the labyrinth community respond to disasters and emergencies in a unified way (globalhealingresponse.com). Since 2020, Ellen has served as the coordinator for World Labyrinth Day, created by The Labyrinth Society (worldlabyrinthday.org). Most recently, Ellen has collaborated with The Legacy Labyrinth Project as Director of the Labyrinth Activist Network. Using the power of collective healing, the labyrinth, and the philosophy of contemplative activism, she is bringing together labyrinth enthusiast who want to make powerful change peacefully. Ellen predicts we must work collectively to make the changes we need for peace in the world.