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Ep.64 - Finding Beautiful with Leah VanHoose

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Release Date: 07/07/2019

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IMPACT Agent Podcast

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IMPACT Agent | 64 | Leah VanHoose

Leah VanHoose is a free spirit, leader, photographer, explorer, coach, licensed realtor at Emerald Coast Beach Homes, lover of the sun, lover of life, and totally unforgettable. For over ten years, Leah has managed and thrived in her life and career living with alopecia, an auto-immune medical condition where body hair falls out in round patches. Not one to hide her differences and "baldness," Leah embraces her appearance as a way to stand out and inspire others to turn a perceived "flaw" into a strength. In this episode, Jason talks with Leah to hear her insights on connecting with others, empowering women, the beach and vacation property market on the Florida Coast, exercise, diet, defining yourself, living life to the fullest, beer, and finding beauty in everything.


Leah VanHoose Says:

1. Know yourself.
2. Be confident in your own skin.
3. Make connections.
4. Make your phone calls to keep filling your pipeline.
5. Keep putting yourself out in front of people, online and offline.
6. Know your business, and all its processes.
7. Don't sell, educate your customers.
8. Take care of your 1 vehicle, your body.
9. Life is meant to be lived.
10. Find beauty in all things.



Leah VanHoose
Real Estate

Quotables and Tweetables:

I can teach women to use what they feel is their flaw as their strength. It just changes everything kind of good. - Leah VanHoose

I felt forced to to be more self-confident to my sons that it's OK. I'm not going to hide from this (alopecia). - Leah VanHoose

This is who I am, and this is how I'm going to be, and I'm going to try to be as healthy as possible doing it. - Leah VanHoose

I figure that if I accepted my condition. Everybody else has no other choice. It's mine, and I own it. - Leah VanHoose

Everybody doubts themselves. We all have our doubts and our insecurities. We have to have that little sliver that's like yeah I'm all right! - Leah VanHoose

You got to make your life what you want because you have every opportunity to do that. - Leah VanHoose

We have a responsibility to no matter what your belief is; the body is a temple that needs to be treated as such. - Leah VanHoose

You get one vehicle. This body is the one you got. You take care of that, so it takes you through your life a lot longer. - Leah VanHoose

There's nothing better than being strong, and it translates through the rest of your life; it makes you physically strong, and it makes you mentally strong. - Leah VanHoose

You're preparing for the unknowable and the unthinkable. - Jason Will

Becoming physically fit and developing a healthy mindset took a mindset of suffering. - Leah VanHoose

You know my photography is how I see these people. It's in the eyes, and it's just I don't know. I see the world as beautiful. - Leah VanHoose

Even the ugly things are beautiful because there is a reason for it. I think beauty is in the flaws. - Leah VanHoose

Perfection doesn't exist. So, you have to find it somewhere else. - Leah VanHoose



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