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Strategic Life Design with Kevin Mohler

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Release Date: 02/12/2020

Business Growth Through Referrals Without Asking show art Business Growth Through Referrals Without Asking

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Jason talks with Stacey Brown Randall, a ninja master of generating proven sales funnel programs focused on referrals. Stacey coaches real estate agents, business owners, and any professional who wants to up their referral game without asking, manipulation, or feeling inauthentic. Learn about referral seeds, the language, tactics, and triggers to flip word of mouth and warm leads to referrals that will build your business that you never thought was possible.

The Passion and Sounds of Roman Street show art The Passion and Sounds of Roman Street

IMPACT Agent Podcast

From a long lost episode of Uptalk TV with Lou Vickery, Lou & cohost Jason Will talk with the talented brothers Noah and Josh Thompson of Roman Street, a music act from Fairhope, Alabama. Noah and Josh share their beautiful music, their passion for music, their love of performing worldwide, and what it's like in the music business. Plus, they tell us why they instrumental music over medical school. Enjoy the show!

The Eternal Perspective of John and Jane show art The Eternal Perspective of John and Jane

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Jason talks to John Bongiorno and Jane Mooney of Fairhope, Alabama. John and Jane have a unique perspective on faith, life, and death. Both have been diagnosed with terminal illnesses and have been at deaths doorstep which they call the "edge of the cliff," and through their faith in God, they have beaten inoperable cancer and Graft Versus Host Disease. Since their remission, John and Jane inspire each other and others facing catastrophic health issues, life challenges, and spiritual crossroads.

Earn More, Keep More show art Earn More, Keep More

IMPACT Agent Podcast

On this episode, the microphone is turned to Jason as he talks with Chastity Davenport, Vice President of National Expansion of JPAR, about why he decided to leave an independent brokerage, go corporate, and eventually become a franchise owner with JP & Associates REALTORS (JPAR). Also, Jason and Chastity discuss the future of real estate, why agencies must embrace technology in order to survive, and Jason shares some tools and advice for what makes a great selling real estate agent.

Rebuilding From Rock Bottom With Andrew Carver show art Rebuilding From Rock Bottom With Andrew Carver

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Rebuilding From Rock Bottom with Andrew Carver

What Conversations Are You Having With People That Don’t Look Like You? show art What Conversations Are You Having With People That Don’t Look Like You?

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Jason and guest Chenele Chapman have an open, honest, and respectful discussion of the "BIG" conversation of racism, inequality, protesting, and privilege that most people avoid. Even though Chenele and Jason have different perspectives and life experiences, they find common interests as parents, Christians, and friends on these complex and incendiary topics.

Transforming Trauma with Lindsey Futo show art Transforming Trauma with Lindsey Futo

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Jason Will talks with this week's agent of impact Lindsey Futo about surviving trauma and helping others by sharing personal experiences with addiction, sexual assault, shame, and redemption. Lindsey shares her own "prodigal son" story of traumatic life events and how they were a catalyst for questioning her Christian faith and how they transformed into personal healing, growth, and a stronger belief in God and other people.

A Testimony of Transformation with Chris Sears show art A Testimony of Transformation with Chris Sears

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Jason talks with Chris Sears, real estate expert, co-founder of JPAR The Sears Group, and coach at Move With Passion Advisors. Chris shares his testimony and life story of self-discovery from a drug dealing and violent teen to a successful real estate influencer and committed Christian.

The Secret To Outperforming Everyone with Owen Gill show art The Secret To Outperforming Everyone with Owen Gill

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Jason talks with Owen Gill, the team leader of The Gill Realty Group. Owen's team building and management approach is responsible for over 300 transactions and 80 million in sales in the past two years. Jason and Owen deep dive into building a productive real estate team, restructuring teams, investing in education, and the power of collaboration.

Agents First and Better Tools with Debbie Viverto show art Agents First and Better Tools with Debbie Viverto

IMPACT Agent Podcast

Jason has an honest and open conversation with JPAR Realtor and Director of Recruiting Debbie Viverito about the agent recruiting process, improving the lives and businesses of agents, and the importance of building relationships. The job title " recruiter" has a dirty name in this business, and recruiting advocates Jason and Debbie dispel this impression, and they deep dive into how being recruited to the right brokerage can change a struggling agent's life and business by creating new revenue streams.

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Kevin Mohler on IMPACT Agent

If you can deep dive into a personal understanding of knowing thyself, how your mind works, how you like to work, and how you are in control to change your life, then you can create a different life. - Kevin Mohler

In this episode, Jason talks with Kevin Mohler, and entrepreneur and nationally recognized trainer and speaker in personal development, business, management, and health. A solution innovator, hard worker, and a strategic thinker, Kevin thrives on providing products, services, opportunities, and connections to people all over the world. Jason discusses immersive learning environments, freedom of choice, developing responsibility, positive habit training, and how it relates to Kevin's Strategic Life Design philosophy.


Responsibility is response ability. It's the ability to respond, and how to think about tackling things in life that matter the most. - Kevin Mohler


Key Takeaways:

> Live and immersive coaching and education experiences can change your life.

> Good routines or good habits help us be successful or make breakthroughs in life.

> Patterns that are not serving you well need to be broken.

> You shouldn't make important choices based on our emotions alone.

> Act the way you want to feel, and you'll feel the way that you act.

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Quotable Quotes

Freedom is the driving force in your life, but if you're choosing freedom and it's compound effect, you have to recognize all the little things that need to happen to get you to that freedom. - Jason Will

We cannot make choices based on our emotions alone. Because if we do, it's going to be like a roller coaster. - Kevin Mohler

Life is just like a banana; every day, we can choose whether we're ripening or whether we're rotting in every area of our life. - Kevin Mohler

Whatever you feed thrives, whatever you starve dies. - Jason Will

I can't control if somebody recognizes me from my work, but I can take responsibility for doing good work. - Kevin Mohler

When we think about the things that we have control over, it gives us the freedom of choice actually to do something and make a difference. - Kevin Mohler

Act the way you want to feel, and soon you'll feel the way that you act. - Kevin Mohler

When the heat of the world turns up, whatever we've been marinating in, that is what pours out. - Kevin Mohler

Instead of negative brainwashing, let's do some positive brainwashing. - Kevin Mohler

Personal development is anything that makes you better or become a better person. And we should absorb it as fast as we can. - Kevin Mohler

Focus on your house, not The White House. - Kevin Mohler

When we get to do what we're capable of doing, this is when we feel the most alive and most fulfilled, and that's what strategic life design is all about. - Kevin Mohler

You can bookend your days, you can start a day a certain way, and you can end it a certain way. You can't always control the chaos in between, but you can control the bookends. - Jason Will

Through morning routines, reflection, and vision casting, you're committing to get up and start your day and take ownership of it. - Jason Will



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