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Dawn Ferrentino - Building a life you love through network marketing [Podcast 116]

Amplified Network Marketing

Release Date: 03/23/2016

Just over 3 years ago, Dawn Ferrentino - like many of us - was working hard and had little time left for her family. This busy mom worked 2 jobs in order to generate the income the family needed. As a professional accountant for 27 years, Dawn found herself maxed out at less than $100k per year and she was always stressed and overwhelmed. She knew something had to change. The network marketing business opportunity came into her life quite by accident, but from the beginning Dawn treated it like a business. With hard work, determination, and the ability to get out of her comfort zone, Dawn has been able to build a hugely successful business in just over 3 years. She shares with David how she’s managed to embrace network marketing as a business and what has made the difference in her journey thus far.

Learning while you earn.

As an accountant, Dawn attended 4 years of school followed by the CPA exam. This investment in an education is essential for a traditional career like the one Dawn had prior to network marketing. She explains how she’s managed to generate her first million in just over 3 years in network marketing - earning while she learns the business. Dawn gives us insight into her approach to the business from the beginning and her willingness to fully immerse herself in the opportunity in order to see where it could take her. Even with resistance from people around her and with lots of “no’s”, Dawn persevered and managed to build a hugely successful business - and one that’s still growing.

The importance of meeting people where they are.

One of the toughest lessons for Dawn was realizing that this opportunity isn’t for everyone. She shares why it’s essential to meet people where they are - not where you are or where you think they should be. Understanding that this isn’t for everyone is a key ingredient to building a successful and happy team of network marketers. Dawn discusses how her income has grown - from 11k in her first year to 600k this year to her projection of 7 figures a year in just 3 years. She also shares how she grew her network from 5 people to a downline of 27,000 people in that time - after hearing no about 1000 times.

The path to 7 figures in network marketing.

One of the biggest misconceptions about network marketing, according to Dawn, is that it comes easy. She discusses the fact that it takes a lot of hard work and that’s why some people just aren’t cut out for the business. Dawn also shares what it was like at first, when her husband wasn’t quite sure that this could be a legitimate business and why she wishes she had done a better job of including her family in the journey from the start. Now - 3 years into it - her husband has retired and they have built a life that wouldn’t have been possible without network marketing.

The reward is the entire journey.

For Dawn, the reward isn’t just the money. She discusses what it’s like to work with a network marketing team and how they support each other along the way. Dawn also shares the value of personal development and why she focuses on making it a part of every single day. As David and Dawn finish out their chat, Dawn some key learnings and her advice for network marketers who are just starting out. Her story is inspiring and it’s clear that Dawn has embraced network marketing and quickly risen to the top of the industry. Her main message? If I can do it, you can too.


  • [1:01] David’s introduction of his guest, Dawn Ferrentino.
  • [2:03] Dawn’s life before network marketing.
  • [3:00] What was the maximum salary of her previous job?
  • [4:43] Making her first million in 3 years as a network marketer.
  • [5:46] What made you say yes to network marketing?
  • [8:01] The learning curve of stepping into network marketing.
  • [9:42] When Dawn realized she could really make a living with this business.
  • [10:52] Stepping out of your comfort zone to grow your business.
  • [12:16] How the time investment in this new business affected her family.
  • [13:14] What would you have done differently in the beginning?
  • [15:45] Maintaining relationships after someone says no to the opportunity.
  • [16:34] How quickly Dawn started seeing money come in from the business.
  • [18:57] How many people are actively building a business?
  • [19:51] Dawn’s downline, her biggest month, and how times she’s been told no.
  • [20:30] How close is Dawn to being a professional/master network marketer?
  • [22:26] Dawn’s projection for her monthly income in 3 years.
  • [25:58] What is network marketing for Dawn?
  • [28:00] Why some people don’t get network marketing.
  • [29:39] When did her husband realize this was a real business?
  • [32:10] The message Dawn wants to leave you with.
  • [34:55] Advice for other network marketers who are starting out.
  • [39:23] The relationships that are born in this career.
  • [41:12] Dawn’s team and how they’ve impacted her.