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083 Kent Hovind, Radiometric Dating, and Other Stuff WITH CASH!

Atheist On Air

Release Date: 10/07/2015


Skeptic Cash!

Professor Stephen

Rachel Nanon Brown

Jason Comeau


Andrew Jennings


Cash comes back for a great show, opening with a rant and end with love all around. The topics range from what a dick the pope is, to how creationists are wrong about radiometric dating. The discussion flows from backward christian bullshit about the moon landing, to mormon revisionism, to christian misogyny, to how christian women worshiping sexy Jesus is creepy, to creationist dishonesty, and beyond. And on top of all of this, Rachel, Professor Stephen, Andrew and Cash lay in to that blathering blatherskite, Kent Hovand. What an ass.


It’s like an AoA family reunion… only it doesn’t suck!