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Featured Guest Clinton Brown

Bell Radio

Release Date: 11/20/2019

When it comes to networking, keeping relationships, and getting results, no one’s proven to be better, especially in the face of adversity than Clinton Brown III. Which is exactly what you need when navigating through the process of buying or selling real estate.

Many have dubbed him “the mayor” where ever he goes, Clinton has the unique ability to command a room from the second he walks in. Clinton holds his BA from Hofstra University with a concentration in Banking and Finance. Clinton also is the esteemed winner of an Emmy Award for his award winning performance as the Host of a Documentary Called “Walk A Mile In My Shoes.”

Using his personality and understanding of the power of advocacy, Clinton sits on the Board of Directors for the Viscardi School, a non-profit school based in Long Island that services students with disability from kindergarten through high school. He also founded his own charity called “A Little Goes A Long Way” where he raises money to support scholarship programs and adoptions for families in the Little People of America organization.

Clinton was born and raised in Hicksville, where he currently resides, with the love of his life, his wife Sofiya. In 2013, Clinton purchased and renovated his own home and made a massive amount of renovations specific to his accessibility needs. After that experience, he took on an appreciation for real estate and the art of the process from that point on. As a Little Person / person with a disability, Clinton has keen knowledge of this niche market and understands the importance of the detail for all clients. His lifetime experiences have crafted a very articulate, hand-holding salesperson who will do everything he can for his clients. Clinton also has experience in Turnkey Properties for investment purposes.