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BTI #221: Stop Fearing Sales with Steve Valentine

Beyond the Image Podcast

Release Date: 04/14/2021

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We’re going to be diving into something that I guarantee makes every single one of you a little bit uncomfortable. We’re going to be talking all things sales. I get to chat with a dear friend of mine, Steve Valentine.

Steve Valentine is an investment specialist, a real estate strategist, and a sales master. When he was 20 years old, he transitioned from the automotive field into the real estate world. Him and his dad became a powerful real estate duo, but also suffered some major financial blows around 2007. Him and his wife decided to go in a different direction in real estate away from his parents where they found success in their own space.

Steve believes in relationship selling and accredits his success to utilizing relationship capital in all he does.

Steve believes it’s important to let his clients know he is here to guide them through the process. To help people, he provides insight on things he’s learned and leads people to a decision they already are wanting to make.

“Before you ever sell anything, the relationship has to be created.”

Steve makes it a point to add value to each relationship for free before ever starting the selling process. This creates trust which leads to the sale.

Asking questions is a great first step to learning about your client and what they genuinely want and helps to begin creating that relationship. Steve always asks his clients questions so he can dig deeper and uncover all the variables that are playing into their decision.

In sales, we have to ask the right questions. The variables are the things that change from person to person.

For example, in Steve’s business he asks:

  1. How are your finances?
  2. Can you still afford this if you suffer a job loss?

By finding the variables, it allows you to find their why and gives that client clarity on their decisions. As a salesperson, this helps you serve your client in the best way possible.

Steve emphasizes the importance of genuinely wanting to help someone, even if that means not getting the sale right away. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be all about money. It should be about truly helping someone and building that relationship. Oftentimes, it will lead to a bigger sale later if you continue to build that relationship correctly.

Steve has found great success on social media, namely on his stories. After deciding to go all in on creating content for his stories, he shares behind the scenes footage and peaks into his daily life regarding family, investments, and real estate. He has found that people love seeing what he does in all areas of his life and it makes them feel very connected to him. He believes it’s even more important to stay authentic in how you show up in social media. He wants people to know what they’re getting ahead of time.

“Show up on social media as you do in person.”

When you start, figure out who you are. This is who you should want to be in everything you do rather than comparing yourself to others and changing who you are.

“Be who you are and do the things that you do good, so that you can shine as only you can shine.”

It’s all about finding your own platform and what differentiates you from others. A consumer is looking for you to help solve their problem. Your job is to find out what the consumer wants to accomplish and stand out from others to help them accomplish it.

“The bigger the problem you solve, the more money you’re going to make solving it.”

Tune into the episode to hear Steve share in detail about how he’s been successful in sales and strategies that will up your sales game. Steve shares great advice and things that have worked for his clients time and time again.

Follow Steve on Instagram @stevedvalentine to learn more and follow along!

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