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BTI #313: Sex Sells, But Who's Profiting? Featuring Dr. Jordin Wiggins

Beyond the Image Podcast

Release Date: 12/01/2021

BTI #330: Maybe it's Photoshop? show art BTI #330: Maybe it's Photoshop?

Beyond the Image Podcast

The date was 4/1/17 and I posted what ended up being one of my highest engaged posts I had ever done on Instagram.  In this episode, I’m reading you the caption, the reactions, and something that really upsets me. “The photos are edited to finish the narrative that we were telling through the location, through the set-up, through the styling, through the hair and makeup, through the poses, through the energy, through the pose, through the facial expression; all of it.” IN THIS EPISODE Hear all about the post James shared years ago. Too photoshopped? What actually goes into creating...

BTI #329: My Plan Has Be Foiled! show art BTI #329: My Plan Has Be Foiled!

Beyond the Image Podcast

It’s Friday and we do not have time to waste! I’m jumping into the top 5 worst jobs I’ve ever had. But more importantly, I am diving into how I could have completely avoided working any of these jobs. “Perhaps if I did a little bit better in my planning, maybe I never would have had to work these jobs.” IN THIS EPISODE Hear my top 5 worst jobs I’ve ever had and why. How planning changed everything for me. The importance of building out annual plans and breaking them down all the way to our daily actions. Taking the macro and turning it into the micro.   The Legacy Planner...

BTI #328: About Time to Discuss Time with Shannon Fable show art BTI #328: About Time to Discuss Time with Shannon Fable

Beyond the Image Podcast

It is about time we did a podcast discussing time.

BTI #327: BTI #327: "I'll Think About It"

Beyond the Image Podcast

Did I ever tell you about the time I became a NY Times Best Selling author? I pioneering a new marketing strategy that was building my company’s brand awareness, generating validation and creating new jobs.

BTI #326: I Was Wrong show art BTI #326: I Was Wrong

Beyond the Image Podcast

It’s not easy for someone to admit when they were wrong. For the second time in recorded history (no way to verify that), I was wrong.

BTI #325: Sex Sells Part II with Nikole Mitchell show art BTI #325: Sex Sells Part II with Nikole Mitchell

Beyond the Image Podcast

We are diving back into the conversation about empowering women and how they choose to build their brands and business.

BTI #324: When Authenticity Loses Authenticity show art BTI #324: When Authenticity Loses Authenticity

Beyond the Image Podcast

Looking back over the years, a lot of what I saw in hindsight was inauthentic. I couldn’t see it while I was in it, but looking back, I did. There were specific instances and larger themes where I can see I strayed off course and got lost a bit.

BTI #323: It's Been Real But... I Gotta Jet! show art BTI #323: It's Been Real But... I Gotta Jet!

Beyond the Image Podcast

I was on IG the other day when I saw a post that said, “Why are people talking about 2021 being over and the inability to wait for 2022? Do you realize that there is still weeks/days/hours/minutes still left in this year?”

BTI #322: Stay Different with Billy Polson show art BTI #322: Stay Different with Billy Polson

Beyond the Image Podcast

My guest today is no stranger to the Beyond the Image podcast, most of my audience, and our FITposium alumni. Billy Polson has been within our community for several years now and has been a presenter at our FITposium conference for several years. He is the Founder of The Business Movement and the Founder of DIAKADI, which is a fitness studio that has won best studio in San Francisco 15 of the 17 years it has been open. We are diving into why you should be different, especially now more than ever.

BTI #321: OK, I'm Distracted... show art BTI #321: OK, I'm Distracted...

Beyond the Image Podcast

My motivation has bottomed out and I’m tired. Have you ever felt that way? Even though this year flew by, it took an emotional toll on so many of us. I don’t think a lot of us realized it even happened.  So today, I’m talking about motivation and distraction because not only am I struggling with it, I know so many are too.  

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Today’s episode is an important conversation to have and first, I want to explain why we are having it. Last week, I was on Instagram, and a magazine I work with posted a behind the scenes video of one of their photo shoots. Watching the video, something jumped out at me that was a little bit odd. 

The subject in the photoshoot is doing a deadlift and in the background, there is a guy staring at her. I laughed at first, for a couple reasons. I made a comment about laughing at this guy and I got an interesting response. We’re unpacking the objectification of women who choose to use their brand to promote themselves and what it means with a dear friend of mine, Jordan Wiggins. 

Dr. Jordin Wiggins is a Naturopathic Doctor, Women’s Sexual Health Disruptor and author. She is revolutionizing the way we deliver, educate, and talk about sexual health, wellness, and pleasure for women. Dr. Wiggins helps entrepreneurs and professional women have as much success in their relationships as they do in their careers through learning to receive, trust, and attract.

“Consent is verbal and consent is ongoing.”


  • What happened on Instagram that spurred this conversation.
  • What consent really is. 
  • The double standard women face. 
  • Why women are allowed to be sexual, but not sexualized. 
  • Dealing with outdated beliefs
  • The realities of how women are treated versus how men are treated and how it affects women overall. 
  • Knowing that you can’t understand experiences that don’t happen to you. 
  • The suppression of women's sexuality. 
  • The trauma of not being believed when you speak out about sexual abuse you went through as a women.  
  • Women’s bodies are NOT property. 
  • What happens when a country legalizes sex work. 
  • The strength in having conversations about sex. 
  • The truth about websites like OnlyFans and consensual porn. 
  • Defining the yes’s and the no’s.
  • How to make changes moving forward.

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Send her a DM on IG: @drjordinwiggins

Podcast: The Pleasure Principles Podcast

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