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Dulce Air Force Base

Bigfoot for Breakfast

Release Date: 01/21/2020

The Baker Institute show art The Baker Institute

Bigfoot for Breakfast

In the 1930's, Iowa radio personality, Norman Baker, claimed to have found the cure for Cancer. People flocked to his hospital in desperation for a treatment. But things weren't exactly what they seemed to be.

Giants of Lore...Maybe. show art Giants of Lore...Maybe.

Bigfoot for Breakfast

We hear stories throughout our lives of enormous and terrifying people who guard their property and threaten to eat us alive if we overstep. These people hold a strong place throughout all of literature, even the bible and many other religious books. Not only this, but there are stories from all over the world and throughout time that strongly suggest that these people were not just figures of lore.

Once Upon a Nightmare show art Once Upon a Nightmare

Bigfoot for Breakfast

Remember all of those beautiful, whimsical stories and fables that your childhood dreams were based on? Well, let us just ruin that for you as we take you on a tour through this popular form of entertainment and give you the dark, twisted, true accounts from which many of these "lessons learned" originated.

Ruby Ridge Part 2 show art Ruby Ridge Part 2

Bigfoot for Breakfast

A look into the highly controversial investigations, hearings and trials surrounding the Ruby Ridge standoff. Why it was incredibly obvious after this event and others during the 90's that a reform within the ranks and policies of federal law enforcement was sorely needed.

Ruby Ridge - Part One show art Ruby Ridge - Part One

Bigfoot for Breakfast

A family goes into the mountains of Idaho to live an off-the-grid separatist life and ended up getting the attention of the federal government. The long line of mistakes made on both sides of the fence and the resulting conflict will go down in history as a giant mark on the reputation of the federal government

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Event show art The Kelly-Hopkinsville Event

Bigfoot for Breakfast

In rural Kentucky, 1955, an incident occurred in which a farm seems to have come under a prolonged attack by creatures that did not appear to be from our world. This event was experienced by an entire family and their overnight guests.

Chichi Jima show art Chichi Jima

Bigfoot for Breakfast

Future President of the United States, George H.W. Bush saw his share of horror during his time as a Navy Flyboy in WWII. But, some of the details would ultimately be erased by our government and even he wouldn't know the extent of how horrible it really was until many years later...

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Lamp show art We're Gonna Need a Bigger Lamp

Bigfoot for Breakfast

If you haven't heard of Mothman, you're missing out on one of the creepier American folk legends out there. This cryptid legend opens up a great number of questions which presents the complicated task of separating fact from fiction. Is any of it real?

The Black Death show art The Black Death

Bigfoot for Breakfast

"They sickened by the thousands daily, and died unattended and without help. Many died in the open street, others dying in their houses. Consecrated churchyards did not suffice for the burial of the vast multitude of bodies, which were heaped by the hundreds in vast trenches, like goods in a ships hold and covered with little earth". - Giovanni Boccaccio

Deja Vu show art Deja Vu

Bigfoot for Breakfast

There are tons of theories floating out there in the world which attempt to explain these occurrences in a way which our simple human brains may be able to understand. Some of which, seem pretty outlandish, however at the same time, completely plausible. The topic of the week is Déjà vu which when translated from French means “already seen”.

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Obviously, there is a lot that we don't know about as civilians and we hear stories all of the time about what the government is up to but I don't think I had ever heard a story quite like this.  This week we take you to the Southwest United States, right into northern New Mexico.  Here, there is a small town called Dulce and an area not far from Dulce called the Archuleta Mesa. There is a lot of controversy over claimed events that have taken place here by a whole lot of people. Where it is said that a number of things, including an otherworldly battle took place right under the feet of the towns residents.  

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