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Rising from Resignation Part 2

The Bill Perry Show

Release Date: 01/29/2019

Resignation is the primary symptom of disengagement, both personally and professionally. We’re continuing to look at the idea of resignation-the acceptance of something undesirable, but seemingly inevitable. And, the good news that you don’t have to live with that pain.

Resignation generally presents in diminished productivity, a withdrawal from communication, and a lack of passion and enthusiasm.

Healthy teams are the product of healthy leaders. If your team is trending towards disengagement, the first position to consider is your own.

Assuming you are not personally lost in the weeds, here are a few questions to ask concerning your team:

  1. Does everyone understand why we are doing what we are doing? The number one need: be in on things...
  2. Is everyone clear regarding their role in the vision?
  3. Do we have clarity and agreement around how we expect each other to behave in the pursuit of the objective?

Alignment always begins with clarity. Disengagement begins with a loss of clarity around why we are doing what we are doing.

If your team is exhibiting the signs of resignation and despair, don’t offer directives, ask questions!

Every team member deserves the right to the pursuit of happiness. While their overall emotional state is not your personal responsibility, it is your responsibility as a leader to ensure that they have every resource and opportunity at your disposal to experience that within the boundaries of your influence.

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