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015: What Your Team Needs to Thrive, Part 1: A Safe Company Culture

The Bill Perry Show

Release Date: 03/26/2019

How is your company culture? Does your team have what it needs to feel safe? 

I’m not talking about physical safety here. I’m asking if your organization’s culture fosters an atmosphere of professional and emotional safety for your team. If you want to create a culture where employees are happy, engaged, and thriving, listen in. 

For the next few weeks we’re focusing on your employees’ top three needs. Number one: a psychologically safe workplace 

An atmosphere in which your team feels protected, valued, and appreciated is paramount to every other desire your employees have. When they feel like they belong—they are free to relax and offer their best to your vision. 

What does an unsafe company culture look like? It's a workplace where employees react out of fear, self-protection, and self-preservation. They’re driven to protect themselves from leadership and each other. It’s an exhausting environment.  

Repeated studies show that being unhappy on the job, feeling unsafe and unappreciated, contributes to levels of anxiety and depression equal to or greater than the pain of unemployment. 

Listen in for steps you can take today to change the culture around your office and help employees feel psychologically safe.  


Im motivated to helping you grow a business that your team members would describe as “a great place to work.” For us here at the Innovatus Group, our mission is all about the progression of “better you, better team, better business, better life.” 


Resources in this episode:

Simon Sinek’s book Leaders Eat Last  https://amzn.to/2JKblEL