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Pigs on the Wing: The St. Louis-Lambert International Airport

Blinders Off

Release Date: 05/15/2019

Should St. Louis-Lambert International Airport be privatized, or remain a public asset?  Matt and Lucas delve deep into St. Louis’ unique history with aviation and wrestle with its present and future. We also speak with experts on aviation policy, and the people trying to keep aviation policy in the public’s view.  And finally, we answer the burning question: Who is Moneypig?


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Featured Guests:

Cara Spencer

Alderman of the 20th ward, St. Louis

Ray Mundy

Executive Director of the Airport Ground Transportation Association,John Barriger III Professor of Transportation Studies, and Director of the Center for Transportation Studies.

Dr. Daniel L. Rust

Author and Assistant Professor of Transportation and Logistics in the School of Business and Economics, author of The Aerial Crossroads of America: St Louis’ Lambert Airport.

Glenn Burleigh

Activist with St. Louis Not For Sale

Gerry Connolly

Activist, Watchdog