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Episode 15 -"The Dark Knight Rises and San Diego Comic-Con 2012"

Bombast Podcast

Release Date: 08/04/2012

Our first topic is The Dark Knight Rises -If you haven't seen the  Dark Knight Rises yet, don't worry, there is a spoiler alert in this movie, so listen for that - or prepare to get spoiled.

We talk about Christopher Nolan's use of realism and science fiction elements, Harvey Dent Day vs Kasmir Pulasky Day, Phil's desire for a catless Catwoman (is this like vegetarian meat?) the Batman trilogy's shifting thematic focus involving themes of organized crime and big business, movie Bane vs comic book Bane, the similarities in background between Bane and Batman, and also the John Blake character, and how he compares to the various heroes that took up the mantle of Robin.  We also take a look at the performances in this movie, and how we rank them.

From there, we transition to some discussion of my (Matt's) time soaking in Bombast's first-ever San Diego Comic-Con experience.  We talk about first impressions, and I get Phil and Janine's reactions to the pictures of myself in a lazy man's Robin costume.  If you would like to follow along with those pictures of me in a Robin costume check them out  H E R E.  We talk about  the panels I went to, including Dave McKean, which I wrote about for the Beat (Heidi McDonald's pioneering comics blog) and Lynn Johnston's (For Better or For Worse) panel.  We briefly mention Ray Bradbury, whose death this year was definitely a topic in the air at this year's con.  I talk about the Eisners, the award show for comics, and we discuss our desire for Kanye west to stage crash at the Eisners.  Please, please let this happen someday.