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Donuts For Dinner | Episode 116

The Brand X Podcast

Release Date: 06/03/2023

Wheel of Misfortune | Episode 125 show art Wheel of Misfortune | Episode 125

The Brand X Podcast

Welcome to episode 125 of the Brand X Podcast, where your favorite trio, Joe, Deuce, and John dive deep into a mix of serious topics and light-hearted banter, marking another memorable chapter in our ongoing dialogue. From discussing the nuanced dynamics of gambling and skill games like poker to addressing the controversial topics around protests and immigration, this episode is packed with nuanced takes and bold opinions. Expect a blend of humor, candid stories, and a bit of controversy as we navigate through topics that touch upon societal pressures, personal freedoms, and the essence of...

The Dead Herb Scrolls | Episode 124 show art The Dead Herb Scrolls | Episode 124

The Brand X Podcast

In this episode of the Brand X Podcast, hosts Deuce, John Jamingo, and Joe, with guest Mark, delve deep into the deceptive escapades of Mark and Deuce's former boss Herb. From corporate scams to personal betrayals, they unpack wild tales of manipulation and deceit that will leave you shaking your head in disbelief. Join us as we navigate the murky waters of Herb's world, sharing uproarious anecdotes from our hosts' past experiences and offering a candid look at corporate malfeasance and the individuals who profit from it. Laugh, learn, and gasp with us on this unforgettable journey through...

Getting The Band Back Together | Episode 123 show art Getting The Band Back Together | Episode 123

The Brand X Podcast

Welcome back to the Brand X Podcast—your uncensored dive into discussions that push the envelope and ignite important conversations. In Episode 123, "Getting The Band Back Together," Deuce, Joe, and John open up about the shadowy parts of family histories and how they relate to today’s dialogue on race and reconciliation. They delve into the ethics of passion versus technology, societal responsibilities, and the fast-moving advancements in robotics that align with Elon Musk's futuristic predictions. Join us as we blend sober reflections with signature Brand X humor, covering everything...

Back Then | Episode 122 show art Back Then | Episode 122

The Brand X Podcast

In this episode of the Brand X Podcast titled "Back Then" hosts Deuce and John, engage in a wide-ranging discussion covering a diverse array of topics, from political commentary to nostalgic reminiscences. The episode features the hosts delving into their opinions on political figures such as Nikki Haley and Kamala, voicing contrasting views on their suitability for public office and past actions. The conversation takes a controversial turn as they touch upon theories surrounding Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, and express skepticism about COVID-19 and vaccine-related concerns. Throughout...

Jamingo Bingo | Episode 121 show art Jamingo Bingo | Episode 121

The Brand X Podcast

John Jamingo and Deuce Welcome “The Duchess” and “The Jimmy” to the Podcast Dungeon Studio. The gang dives into a wide array of conversations ranging from gambling experiences in casinos to reminiscing about classic TV shows, sharing personal anecdotes and engaging in light-hearted banter. The podcast episode is filled with humorous exchanges, quirky tangents, and insightful discussions. Deuce introduces Jamingo Bingo! A game based on Jamingo's crutch words. The winning card is below, but who won? The hosts recount their experiences with gambling, sharing stories of winning big and...

Penis Flytrap } Episode 120 show art Penis Flytrap } Episode 120

The Brand X Podcast

Episode 120 of the Brand X Podcast titled "Penis Flytrap," hosts Deuce and John tackle a wide range of topics and engage in their usual banter. The episode kicks off with John discussing his recent vision improvement, which allows him to see the chat while hosting the show. They then delve into a lost episode with audio issues before touching on the challenges of creating daily content and the overreach of social media platforms. The hosts share their views on the Elon Musk controversy, discuss the ethics of paid shoutouts, and crack jokes about being capitalists. They mention a listener who...

John and Deuce Talk Politics | Episode 119 show art John and Deuce Talk Politics | Episode 119

The Brand X Podcast

In this episode titled "John and Deuce Talk Politics" on the Brand X Podcast, hosts Deuce and John Jamingo delve into various political topics and share their opinions and observations. They discuss their presence on Discord, a platform they describe as a Facebook-like space without censorship, and encourage listeners to join their Discord server by using the invite link in the show notes. They also mention their availability on Twitter and through email. Throughout the episode, the hosts express their criticism of a certain individual for not taking a particular action, suggesting that this...

Spinning the Hits | Episode 120 show art Spinning the Hits | Episode 120

The Brand X Podcast

We hope this email finds you well and ready for another exciting installment of the Brand X Podcast. In this episode, titled "Spinning The Hits," our hosts Deuce and John Jamingo dive into a plethora of fascinating topics that are sure to keep you entertained. First up, we have a special treat for you! First up, John talked about his run in with failed Radio host Eric Zane. Eric Zane begged John to do an episode together, John agreed and Zane's audience was so offended. So offended, That Eric Zane cut all ties like the coward he is. As we venture into the episode, Deuce and John explore the...

King of Convenience | Episode 118 show art King of Convenience | Episode 118

The Brand X Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the Brand X Podcast! In today's thought-provoking discussion, your hosts John and Deuce dive into the fascinating world of convenience and cultural control. From the frustrations of the "woke" agenda in TV shows and movies to the potential rise of a parallel comedy economy, they explore the impact of social justice warriors and the influence they have on our media landscape. But it doesn't end there, folks. John and Deuce also delve into the power of convenience in our daily lives, examining how our reliance on technology has led to a loss of control and...

Everyone Hates Jamingo | Episode 117 show art Everyone Hates Jamingo | Episode 117

The Brand X Podcast

On this episode of the Brand X Podcast, Deuce and John start by discussing Pop's Racer from the show Speed Racer, describing his resemblance to Uncle Carmen and his badassery in beating up a group of guys trying to steal the Mach Five plans.  Then share personal experiences, including Deuce encountering a roach in a break room, and a misunderstanding with a store manager. Deuce’s family takes a trip to Florida in the 1970s and finds out about Palmetto bugs. John tells the story of panicking when he thought he lost his daughter in a store.  They also talk about the movie Sound of...

More Episodes

Happy Pride Month! Or is it? Elon Musk still has to come in and referee Twitter. Daily Wire tried you showcase the “What is a Woman” documentary and Twitter said no way after they said yes.

Speaking of Twitter, John found out that @aocpress the AOC Twitter parody account he loved so much was deleted by its owner. How did he find out? The Elon Musk Twitter Parody account told him.

Should conservatives boycott companies that bend a knee to the woke mob? Deuce and John disagree.

The famous songwriter, Cynthia Weil, who wrote “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” and a few other hit songs passed away at 82.

Carole King wrote “Pleasant Valley Sunday” Does she sings it better than the Monkeys?

Carole King - Pleasant Valley Sunday (1966 Demo)

The Monkees - "Pleasant Valley Sunday" - ORIGINAL VIDEO - HQ

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[00:00:44] Difficult anniversary planning for comedy podcast.
[00:08:57] Media setup movie release, then canceled it.
[00:15:09] Twitter reduced staff from 40K to 1K.
[00:19:09] Sexism, deception, and Twitter parody accounts discussed.
[00:21:08] The View says Kamala uses repetition technique.
[00:28:16] Ignoring non-compete clause to work again.
[00:34:15] Dunkin' Donuts requires a 3-store commitment.
[00:38:30] Krispy Kreme donuts got stale fast.
[00:46:59] Grocery delivery, home cooking, cheaper coffee.
[00:51:27] Saving money by making own coffee.
[00:53:31] Single narrator wishes for homemade meals.
[01:00:23] Revolutionary changes have consequences for everyone.
[01:07:35] Inconsistent work, post-editing, fashion critique.
[01:12:01] Monkeys music not made by them.
[01:19:23] Leftists hollow out institutions for own gain.
[01:22:11] Support right-leaning companies, target Disney and Target.
[01:29:09] Risky philosophy without a solution.
[01:33:55] Biden laughed during 2012 debate with Ryan.
[01:36:49] Union money, cousin's voting, dead uncle's name.
[01:43:53] False student debt relief promises by politicians.
[01:46:44] Secret tape hints at grassy knoll shooter.
[01:52:26] Talented but entitled millennial editor mentioned.