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Creating Popular Products that People Love with John Fiorentino - AOTK 243

Art of the Kickstart

Release Date: 08/06/2018

Let’s face it, there is no secret formula for creating popular products that the public will instantly fall in love with. While there isn’t a secret formula, John Fiorentino has tapped into something with his products that resonates with people. When pressed, John admits that he looks for products that he knows that he’ll love to use on a regular basis. He also enjoys taking his products into public spaces like parks for people to try so he can assess their reactions. The results John and his team have seen, speak for themselves. Gravity Blankets and Moon Pods have become huge success stories that many leaders are scrambling to learn from. Hear more from the brain behind these successfully crowdfunded products by listening to this fascinating episode!

Gathering a following.

What does it take to set up a great product idea for long-term success? What steps can you take right now to best position your business for growth? For John Fiorentino, the answer was to create a following. In his words, John got to enjoy “acting like a crazy person” for six months while carrying around a selfie stick, documenting his journey of product discovery. This video journal and blogging experiment allowed John to connect with a good size audience and develop an email list. Later on, as he went to launch his first product, John was able to rely on this email list to prime the pump when it came to initial sales and word of mouth momentum. Learn more about John’s story and why it’s important to gather an early following by listening to this helpful episode!

Addressing the topics of stress and comfort.

As you go through the process of finding a product that will catch on with the public, consider addressing something that people are concerned about. Subjects like stress, health, posture, comfort, diet, and overall quality of life resonate with the public because we all want to live the best life possible. John and his team discovered the power of this message when they addressed the topics of stress and comfort with their two products, Gravity Blankets, and Moon Pods. What can you learn from John’s approach? How will your product or service resonate with a large audience? Hear more helpful insights from John’s story on this episode!

People will market your product for you if they love it!

Many inventors stress about how they will get their products in front of people, what if that is the wrong thing to worry about? Imagine what good it would do if inventors could focus solely on creating amazing products without an eye on the marketing steps? According to John Fiorentino, that’s exactly what they should do! While it may be easier said than done, John has found that when you create a compelling and useful product, people will practically market it for you! This isn’t just a theory for John, he put it into practice with his latest product launch, Moon Pods. With this product, John and his team significantly decreased their marketing efforts to see if people would really spread the word, it worked! Learn more about the success of the Moon Pod by listening to this engaging episode!

Too much success?

What would you do if your product became too successful? Sounds like a great problem to have, right? Too often, many inventors and entrepreneurs don’t ask themselves this question when they take their product to crowdfunding platforms. As you prepare your process, make sure to factor in this important topic! Learn from the stories of leaders like John Fiorentino who had issues with supply chains and struggled to ensure that their product could get to backers. Put a plan in place now, before the worst case scenario can happen! Discover additional lessons and insights about scaling a popular product by listening to this episode featuring John!

Key Takeaways

  • [1:05] John Fiorentino joins the podcast to talk about his inventions.
  • [3:30] What went into the process of creating a gravity blanket?
  • [5:30] Challenges faced with designing the gravity blanket.
  • [6:45] John talks about creating a following and marketing his new product idea.
  • [8:20] The difference between the gravity blanket campaign & the moon pod campaign.
  • [10:50] What has been the biggest surprise with the moon pod launch?
  • [14:00] Dealing with the issue of overfunding and scaling a popular product.
  • [17:00] Why you should make a product that people will love.
  • [20:00] What are John’s plans for the future?
  • [21:10] John enters the Launch Round; rapid-fire questions.
  • [25:00] Why you should check out John and his inventions.


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